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In recent years, North Bangalore has become a well-liked location for real estate investment. Multinational enterprises, a burgeoning startup scene, and a potent IT cluster are making this city attractive to people from every strata of the society.

If you plan to buy an apartment here, you should check out this blog to gain some idea about the reasons that should influence your real estate investment. This blog will discuss the top 5 reasons attracting you to buy an apartment in north Bangalore

Top 5 reasons that North Bangalore is the ideal area to buy apartments 

There are many reasons to buy apartments in north Bangalore, and the top 5 of them will be listed below: 

1. Ideal connectivity 

North Bangalore offers excellent connectivity, one of the key factors attracting homebuyers. The area is close to the international airport, resulting in faster journey time, unlike other sections of the city and comes with proper transportation support.

Popular areas like Yelahanka, are well-connected with access to all vital transportation points. If you buy an apartment in one of these areas, you can access several transportation options, conveniently. 


2. Social infrastructure

North Bangalore is a bustling city, filled with all the amenities of modern life. It includes restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, amusement parks, shopping malls, reputed schools, colleges and universities. Therefore, you will always have the opportunity to lead a full life, surrounded by loved ones, supported necessities, activities and hobbies you like in this city.

Moreover, there are several hospitals in north Bangalore for any medical emergency you may face. The perfect social infrastructure is indeed enticing for potential apartment buyers and one of the factors influencing their decision.  


3. Rental value of the flat properties in north Bangalore 

North Bangalore is popular for its various rental choices, which help get future return benefits. The rent of a 1 BHK flat in north Bangalore starts from Rs 6500/- to 25000/- per month. But this amount depends on the facilities of the chosen apartment and the number of rooms.

If it is a fully-furnished accommodation with all modern amenities, the rent amount will be increased to Rs- 17000/- to 60,000/-. So if you are a potential apartment buyer, you should consider the potential rental value of such a property for the future while deciding on the purchase. 


4. Bangalore has a thriving job market, as it is one of the finest IT hubs in the country 

Some of the brightest IT experts in the world have chosen to work in Bangalore, a top IT hub. The city never lacks IT employment because of the presence of corporations like Google, Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys and other prominent IT companies.

People from all over India migrate to Bangalore for career and job opportunities. Moreover, it provides exceptional networking opportunities for startups. This is one of the key causes for the increase in Bangalore flat buyers.

5. Availability of luxurious apartments in north Bangalore 

North Bangalore is the perfect location for buying apartments, because along with a better quality of life, it offers a plethora of luxurious options, when it comes to choices.

The price of the apartments varies depending on their location and amenities, including amazing infrastructure, parking facility, pool, gym and playground. There are many available residential properties in north Bangalore at reasonable prices. So, before buying apartments in north Bangalore, you should check all the facilities and seek assistance from a reliable real-estate agency. 

Final word 

Luxury homes and facilities seem to be the main focus in North Bangalore. It presents the rental values, social infrastructure, connectivity, job opportunities and luxurious apartments in north Bangalore. So as an apartment buyer, you must consider these reasons before buying a flat in north Bangalore. 

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