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Are you contemplating buying a house? Is it your first time buying a property?

Are you feeling both nervous and excited at the same time? If the answer to all these questions is going to be a resounding yes, then it is time to look into pointers and advice that can make your property purchase experience smooth. 

This piece is going to focus on 5 such points, which are considered to be common mistakes made by people while buying a house. You can keep them in mind and avoid them to ensure a nice real estate purchase and a beneficial investment decision. 

The mistakes that you have to avoid while buying a home are: 

1.  Failure in deciding on a budget – 

Whether buying a home for the first time or not, you should operate within a budget, especially if you do not have an unending supply of money. This is also the very first step related to every real estate purchase. 

Having a budget ensures you have a proper plan to continue guiding you through the process. For example, having a budget means you will know which kind of properties you can go for, so you will search accordingly and get the best value for the money spent. 

If you do not have a budget, your plan will become too chaotic from the beginning, and eventually, you will end up with properties you cannot afford or properties that are not at all suitable for you. It will also harm your finances in the present and future, especially if you have multiple loans to pay off. So, decide on the budget carefully before making any decisions.

 2.  Not doing your due diligence – 

Investing in real estate and buying a house is not like buying a piece of furniture, clothing or jewellery that you can change immediately after if you do not like it. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly research before buying your dream house, even if it is your first one. 

As an aspiring homeowner, you have certain expectations, requirements and a vision. As you will be investing a significant amount of money, it is necessary to ensure that you get the complete value. 

Doing your due diligence will help you find multiple options to choose from; your chances of avoiding bad deals will increase, and you will find the perfect house for yourself. In short, thorough research will be beneficial for you. 

3.  Not comparing home loan options – 

Purchasing a house, notwithstanding the city, area, or complex, is expensive, so you will have to arrange for the money. Unless you have access to a large amount of it, applying for a home loan is the way to proceed. 

When applying for a home loan, you should compare all available options or at least the ones you can get hold of. Not doing so will mean losing benefits and the chance to reduce interest rates or enjoy a better deal.

Banks and other financial institutions are ready to give you a loan, provided you are eligible for one. By comparing multiple of them, you can find the best one to save money and secure other benefits. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to compare home loans. 

4.  Not checking your eligibility for a loan – 

If you are planning to buy a house and have to arrange for the money by applying for loans, it is vital to check your eligibility. Yes, it may sound unusual, but you may not be eligible for a loan, and even if you are, there may be several aspects and details that are not beneficial for you. 

Hence, checking whether you are eligible for a home loan is vital. While at it, you should also check if you can get the full amount in a loan or only a portion. You must make other arrangements to secure the money based on this decision. Not checking your eligibility for a loan can cause various complications. Therefore, you should be careful with it. 

5. Not knowing about the tax benefits – 

When purchasing a house, you will have to pay a few taxes. Not doing so will be considered tax evasion, which is illegal and can cause you a lot of trouble in the future. 

Most people remain unaware of this point, and they end up creating complications. You should do your research, find out about the taxes to be paid and then you can proceed to buy your house. This way, you will make the right decision and eliminate possible issues for yourself. 


These are the 5 mistakes that you should avoid while beginning your process of purchasing a home. The process of investing in real estate is a long and complicated one. Therefore, being aware of the possibilities and bracing yourself for issues you may face will be the best choice. 

Now, after reading all these points and details, if you feel unsure or nervous, you can contact us for advice and guidance. We are Zaurya, known for making curated properties available for people to explore and invest.

Along with that, we have a team of experienced real estate advisors who can guide you through the real estate purchase process. For further details or to avail of our services, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist in your endeavour.


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