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If you ask a finance expert, they will tell you that investing in real estate is always wise. The problem is, when people think about making such investments, they usually do not consider a 1 BHK flat.

Hence, if you try and ask for advice and suggestions on real estate investment, many people won’t tell you to buy a 1 BHK apartment. Even if you are planning to purchase in one of the poshest cities in the country, Bangalore, the situation won’t change much, but it should.  

This piece will explore the various benefits of buying a 1BHK from an investment perspective. After going through those points, you can make an informed decision. The reasons why purchasing a 1 BHK in Bangalore is a good idea are: 

They are the wiser investment choice for first time buyers

A 1BHK flat is the wiser investment choice because it costs less than a bigger apartment, hence, they are affordable. As your first property purchase, a 1BHK makes complete sense, because you won’t have to worry too much about arranging the money.

Once you have purchased the flat, it will turn out to be a wise investment considering that you will become a property owner and can then use the flat as per your convenience. From staying there yourself to putting it up for rent, the apartment will prove to be beneficial in many ways. 

They are easier to find 

The demand for 1BHK flats is growing and developers are creating such apartments to keep up. Whether you are looking for a luxury one or a simple one, smaller apartments are easier to find. Hence, you won’t have to worry about waiting for too long 

Lower property tax and utility costs 

A 1BHK flat will mean a small residential unit which means less property taxes and utility bills. You won’t have to hire someone to look after the place and the maintenance cost will be low. Hence, your post-purchase expenses won’t cause a lot of financial stress. 

It is a more sustainable choice 

If you are living in a small residential unit, then your energy consumption will be less. Your carbon footprint will be less as well. With the way climate change is affecting the world, everyone is being encouraged to lead a sustainable lifestyle. A 1BHK helps you to lead such a life, which is why these smaller residential units are more popular with the younger generation. 

Easier for resell 

If you need to wish to sale your flat, a 1BHK will be easier to resell, due to its huge popularity. This means, you won’t have to worry about selling your property or wait a long time for the process to be completed. It will be an added bonus for your finances if you ever need it. 

More popular amongst working professionals living by themselves 

A 1BHK flat is easier to maintain and it is also the perfect place for a working professional living by themselves. Hence, such people prefer 1BHKs more. This is also one of the reasons behind the popularity of 1BHKs. 

Easier to manage 

A 1BHK is easier to manage, because there is less space to clean, keep track of the maintenance and other aspects of owning a flat. This is why, 1BHKs are so popular, because people want convenience and ease, instead of complications and added responsibilities. 

Looking into the cons 

Along with all these pros, there are also a few cons of buying a 1BHK. The space will be small, especially for a large family. Now buying a 1BHK may seem practical, but in the future, when you are looking to expand your family, it may not remain the best choice. Despite all this, there is no denying that 1BHKs are a widely popular and chosen residential option for many, as they should be. 

In conclusion 

These are the reasons why buying a 1BHK in Bangalore will be beneficial for you. It will be a good idea, and you should start the search from today. If this will be a challenging task and you need professional assistance, Zaurya will be the perfect contender to help you along.

Along with offering curated property for people’s perusal and purchase, our team of experienced real estate professionals offers advice, suggestions, and necessary assistance to make every property purchase smooth and straightforward for you. For further details, please get in touch with us.

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