Buying an apartment is quite a financial investment and achievement, but the actual purchase process is more extensive than you initially imagined. When you are taking possession of the apartment, you are getting a new canvas, ready to give wings to your imagination. But then, the canvas is for you to design. You have to make the apartment liveable and comfortable so that your family staying in the apartment can enjoy the home you have so lovingly built. In short, the interior will remain incomplete and you will have to get it done. 

If you are contemplating investing in a property in Bangalore and wish to buy an apartment, considering the interior decoration part within the list of factors and areas will be necessary. 

This piece will focus on the possible cost of interior decoration for a 3BHK apartment in one of the best and most poshest cities in the country.

The factors that will determine the cost

When it comes to determining the cost of anything, you need to keep in mind that the expense differs based on factors such as the size, quality of the item, its rarity, the effort required for creating it, and more.

In this scenario, the focus is the interior decoration of your newly bought 3BHK apartment. The factors that will determine the cost of interior decoration are: 

  1. The condition of the apartment when it is handed over, whether is unfurnished, semi furnished or unfurnished. Most apartments are handed over in an unfurnished state.
  2. Your plan for the interior deoending on the kind of comfort, apperance or functionality you are looking at.
  3. Quality of the products used since there is a wide range of products in much wider price points
  4. Whether it’s a DIY project or professionals are being hired 
  5. How long is it taking to complete the project 
  6. How many people are needed to be hired 
  7. The effort required for the project 

This means, the interior decoration of your flat can be an expensive project. 

How to find out the cost of interior decoration of your flat? 

Once you have understood the factors that will influence the expense of interior decoration of your flat, you can contact multiple interior decorators. From reputed and large firms to small and reliable businesses, you can choose any that suits your requirements perfectly. 

Instead of settling down with one option right away, it will be better if you shortlist multiple options. This way, you won’t have to depend on a single service provider

Once you have shortlisted the potential options, you can ask for quotations from these companies and individuals for the project. After getting multiple quotations, you can compare them carefully and choose the best out of them. 

This is also the step which will mostly determine the cost of interior decoration of your flat. The estimate given by the interior decorator will help, though you should keep provision for some additional expense, which may come up unexpectedly. 

The conclusion to be drawn

So, in conclusion, it can be said that the expense of the interior decoration of a 3BHK home in Bangalore depends on several factors. And you should have a clear idea about them, before choosing the interior decorator. With all this information, you can understand the given estimate better and make a wise choice. 

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