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Bangalore has transformed significantly from a calm green city to a thriving metropolis over the years. The real estate market is steadily growing in Bangalore, as the city is growing with IT hubs, startups, and Multinational companies. So investing money in real estate will help you to get fruitful advantages in the future. 

Do you know that North Bangalore is a growing part of this city, and most people consider this area for their living purpose? So if you are looking for and planning to buy an apartment in Bangalore, this blog will be helpful for you. Because in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 growing localities in Bangalore.

5 Growing localities to invest in Bangalore 

Bangalore is divided into four main regions: south Bangalore, north Bangalore, east Bangalore, and west Bangalore. However, north Bangalore has grown in recent years because of its connectivity and job opportunities. So choosing apartments in the North Bangalore locality will be right for you. The top 5 best localities fit for real estate investment in north Bangalore are listed below: 

1. Yelahanka 

Yelahanka is gaining popularity because of its good connectivity and IT infrastructure. This locality is close to the Bangalore international airport, so people can easily visit from one place to another. The residential market in Yelahanka is rising, and some houses are in high demand.

The presence of commercial districts, retail businesses, and other service hubs also have boosted the residential market. Many ongoing residential projects will offer luxurious apartments full of modern amenities. So if you plan to invest money in real estate, consider this locality in North Bangalore. 

2. Hebbal 

Hebbal is a well-known locality in north Bangalore that nature lovers mainly prefer. Because in this locality people will get natural views of their surroundings. 

This place has high demand in this real estate market because there are many IT companies and startup organizations. Apart from this, good connectivity is also present so people can travel easily from anywhere. Therefore, considering this area for buying real estate will also be a good decision.

3. Hennur Road 

Hennur Road is located in the northern part of Bangalore and is also reachable from all parts of the city. This area is well-connected to the airport and railway station, making it easier for people to travel. 

Moreover, hospitals, schools, and colleges are also available in this locality so choosing this place for living will provide the best benefits in the future. 

4. Thanisandra 

Thanisandra is a developing area in north Bangalore, nearer to Hebbal. This locality is also connected with the important areas of the city, such as reputed schools and colleges. 

In addition, the neighborhood is interesting and nice, so people can easily find like-minded people to connect with and enhance their social interactions. So, to improve your social interactions, you can choose these places and check the available or ongoing projects in the area. 

5. Jakkur 

Jakkur is considered amongst the urban localities in north Bangalore, which offer natural beauty to the people. Jakkur Lake is the main attraction of this place, and some renowned hospitals, colleges, and schools are also located here. 

Apart from this, Jakkur offers luxurious apartments to people where they can get a good neighborhood and surroundings. So, you can consider this locality to invest your money in real estate. 


In order to get amazing living experiences, you must consider North Bangalore. It is a terrific place to live and work since it is a melting pot of cultures. 

Numerous facilities and top-notch dining options are available in this place. If you are looking for the best localities in north Bangalore to invest in real estate, you may consider these localities.

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