Zaurya is a full stack, modern age, online real estate marketplace. It is a tech enabled platform that not only caters to the needs of the Customers but also facilitates Developers and property advisors, thereby creating an interdependent ecosystem which benefits everyone. We provide an integrated platform PAN India, showcasing only Curated properties of qualified developers using services of in house Trained Buddies (Property Advisers).

Presently, Zaurya offers Residential Properties having Studio, 1BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. However, we would be taking up Plots, Farm Houses, Farm plots, Senior Care Homes, Rental services, etc. Zaurya promotes Community living by taking up projects that are in a Gated Community, ensuring value for money.

Zaurya combines the efficiency of online platforms and customization of offline intervention through our well trained & professional buddy system to bring it to its customers convenient Home buying experience. Other online platforms are just a discovery platform, whereas at Zaurya we handhold the journey to make it effortless.

Zaurya is a tech enabled online platform that uses technology to analyse the Properties before taking them on board and then provides personal services to the seekers of these Properties, thus establishing trust and transparency. Zaurya promises No brokerage, lowest prices guaranteed and full-service support so our Customer can be at ease during and after the property purchase.

You can share your interest by filling out the ‘Demand Survey’ form and we will keep you posted on the new projects being launched. You may also send in your query to or call us at +918880562562.

There are a number of tech enabled platforms that collate information on various Real estate products but they are mostly analytical and deliver automated results. Zaurya utilizes technology to analyze and verify properties before taking them on board and then provides personal services to the seekers of these Properties, in all a Curator of Real Estate Properties. Additionally, Zaurya collates the requirement and needs of its Customers and then works towards fulfilling those requirements while ensuring financially viable and futuristically convenient homes for them.

Curated means selected, organized and presented using professional knowledge and expertise. Zaurya carries out verification of Properties and Developers before taking up any Project for listing on our platform.

For Properties, we conduct legal due diligence by our team of in-house law officers, ensure the Govt approvals are in place and project is RERA registered. Apart from that, we also research and collate information about the past track record of the Developer, especially delivery timelines and quality of construction, financial strength and execution capabilities.

You can express your interest or choice by registering your requirement through ‘Demand Survey’ form on our website or write to us at

Zaurya Real Tech uses “Pick and Choose” method as per the “Need” of the Customer and offers only “Curated Properties”. We carry out all round in-house due diligence and validation of the Property and Developer before taking them on board.

Zaurya is a team of Ex defense personnel who have established their credential in the field of Real Estate. Spearheaded by Wg Cdr Tarachand Prasad, an Air Force Veteran with more than 15 years in Real Estate experience, the team has a number of personnel from Armed Forces who utilize their professional acumen and understanding of people’s needs to provide a smooth and happy buying experience to its customers.

Since the Team of Zaurya is mostly from Armed forces background, our first focus has been towards Defense, Paramilitary Forces & Defense PSUs. However, we are also catering for different communities like Bankers, Teachers, Chartered Accountants, Police services etc.

The way we handhold the customer’s real estate buying journey, we also walk the journey along with our developer partner to create sales ecosystem and act as a sales engine to achieve the predefined sales target.

Zaurya adopts Pick & Choose method to aggregate the residential properties. You will be able to choose & compare from the already verified properties, thereby saving the customers valuable time and efforts. Also, you get the price benefits due to our bulk purchase model.

Our endeavor is to facilitate the residential requirements PAN India; accordingly, we collect ‘Expression of Interest’ through our Demand Survey format for all major cities and for all real estate requirements. As per the demand, we fulfill the requirements at very competitive price.

Group Booking is basically to leverage the power of groups. We provide platform for people / groups to come together to enjoy the benefits as bulk buyer. We become channel for such groups in facilitating verified properties.

Send in your contact details, i.e., Name, Mobile no and email id along with your communication address. We will get into an agreement to define the specifics of the role and share the Project and Company details that are required for your interactions with your contacts.

We cater for all serving, retired members of Defense services, Para Military Forces & Defense PSUs, along with those civilians whose salaries are paid out of defense budget.

Curated Properties means, we verify the Property for Legal due diligence, Govt Approvals & RERA Registration. For Developers, we carry out check on past record, ensure the developer’s financial capabilities and execution capabilities are there to complete the project on time and as per quality promised.

We have inhouse developed ERP system for CRM. Once booking formalities are completed, you will be given access to one dedicated dashboard for you to interact & monitor the activities related to your apartment and the project.

Yes, addressing customer needs is a prime business objective and priority for Zaurya RealTech, our all efforts are to ensure our customers get the best deal, hassle free and without any fear in mind but to achieve this objective, we also address developers’ biggest concern of sales within a defined timeline.

Demand Survey

Demand Survey is a tool designed to let the Buyer express their requirements and choice of Home purchase. It helps to understand the needs and interests of the Customer so that they can get the home of their dreams.

Since the Home Buyer is able to give his interests and needs, he does not have to compromise on his requirements and gets a house that meets his choice the most. The Buyer’s inputs become the information for Project developments, thus assisting him in contributing to the conceptualization of his future home.

There are quite a few benefits to the Buyer. They are
a. First and foremost, the Buyer gets a house that meets most of his requirements
b. With the Demand Survey, the client base for the specific project is identified. This reduces the pressure on the Developer to focus on marketing activities, thus helping the Developer focus on construction activities, resulting in improved Project management, delivery timelines and quality of construction.
c. With reduced overheads on marketing, promotional and administrative activities, there is considerable reduction in cost of construction. This reduction gets translated to Price considerations for the Buyer.

Demand Survey is not just beneficial for the Buyer but for the Developer too.
a. Since the choice of the Customer is already known and catered for, the client base for the Project is ready. This helps in faster sales of the Project.
b. With the pressure of marketing and sales off his shoulders, the Developer can focus on the development of the Project, thus resulting in better project management, meeting timelines and maintaining quality of construction.
c. Better Project management and Price considerations for the Buyer helps the Developer in enhancing his Brand image and reputation in the market.

Zaurya analyses the inputs received through Demand Survey and identifies the locations, sizes, budget etc that are the choice and requirements of the Home Buyers. Based on the analysis, Zaurya then approaches the Developer who can meet the needs and interests of the home purchasers. Since the client base for the Project is established, it helps Zaurya in negotiating for facilities, services and price considerations with the developer.

Demand Survey is conducted PAN India and is a regular activity. So there is no limited time frame to register your interest. As soon as you have worked out your requirements for a home, keeping in mind future use, settlement and requirements, you should register your choice through the Demand Survey Form.

Zaurya RealTech promises the best costs and a smooth buying experience for the Customers. With the Demand Survey, our team is able to identify the home buyers who would be interested in the particular project, thus getting our client base ready. The marketing and advertising overheads for promoting the project are reduced, the administrative and project overheads for the Developer also come down. This advantage received on the costs gets transferred to the Home Buyer which leads to price considerations and other benefits being offered to our Customers.

You can find the Demand Survey form under our Expression of Interest as a separate page on our website at

After registering your interest through the Demand Survey form, you will receive an acknowledgment mail from our team. Thereafter, a member of our team will connect to you to explain our existing Projects and check if any of them meet your expectations. Else, your inputs are recorded and used for the development of a new Project and accordingly, we would update you on a quarterly basis.

The sections in the Demand Survey form are designed to understand your requirements so it is important to share all the details. But, if there are any doubts in your mind, you may skip the point. However, it is mandatory for you to fill in the contact details, i.e., Name, Contact no and mail id, else your requirement will not get registered.

Defence Communities

Defence Communities refers to personnel, whether serving or retired and families of Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces & Defence PSUs.. The list is indicative and not comprehensive and, in principle, refers to Uniformed personnel who are responsible for the peace and protection of our Country along with those civilians who are paid out of Defence Estimates and are equally dutiful in the protection of our country.

Personnel from Defence Communities keep travelling due to the nature of their job and never settle in one place until their retirement. They need a facility that can take care of Property purchase and maintenance requirements without having to worry about their investment. Hence, a special segment for Defence Communities. Also, since our Management mostly comprises Ex Defence Personnel, it is our way of expressing gratitude to our background of Armed forces.

With Defence Communities, Zaurya conceptualises dedicated Residential Projects that promote Community Building while keeping in mind the expectations and needs of the Home Buyer, thus enhancing the Customer Experience. We carry out Demand Surveys and take expressions of interest to understand the interest of the personnel from Defence Communities and use the information to offer Curated Properties.

Zaurya handholds the Defence Personnel through the process of Home buying from purchase to possession and also post possession support. We use our tech enabled platform to provide complete project details to our Customer, readily available on our platform, along with designated Buddies (Property Advisers) who support the customer with their specific requirements.

The problem areas in Property purchase addressed by Zaurya are:
● Choice of location, type and budget while deciding on the Property
● Risk of investment owing to legal approvals, clearances, Builder background verification and ensure Govt regulations are complied with.
● Uncertainty connected to quality of construction and timelines
● Difficulty associated with progress of the Project and availability of regular updates
● Queries and clarifications post possession and support with reselling and renting out the Property

While Zaurya offers some projects exclusively for Defence Communities, we would be taking up projects for other Professional Communities too, like Teachers, CAs, Doctors, Bankers, Central & State Govt employees, etc.

Defence Communities helps the Home Buyer get benefit of Community living, an extension of Camp life that has been a constant support, advantage of Bulk negotiations resulting in price considerations and a thriving social life.

Yes, of course, all serving and ex Defence personnel can register with us under Defence Communities. Please register your interest through Demand Survey on our website at

Hand Holding through specially trained Buddies, means guiding and supporting the Home Buyer at every step of the process of Property purchase so that there is no fear or uncertainty in the mind of the Customer. It includes pre-sale verification of the Property and background check of the Developer, facilitating Bank loans, updates on progress of construction during the Project completion and monitoring quality of construction and delivery timelines, ensuring the Customer gets what he was promised.

As the members from Defence Communities are generally positioned at far away places, Handholding support helps them stay aware of the progress of their Property, giving them security and safety of their investment. Zaurya is literally the eyes and ears of the Customer that brings happiness and satisfaction for the Defence personnel while deciding and purchasing their dream home.

Group Booking

Group Booking is a tool that helps Home Buyers benefit from purchases in groups or bulk. Home Buyers become part of groups (professional/ community) and register with Zaurya with details of their groups and receive benefits both in terms of price consideration and also facilities and services.

Group Bookings helps you to express your interest for your dream home while becoming part of a group. It gives you the power to create a community of your choice. Becoming a part of a group also helps you to leverage Bulk purchases.

Group Booking works in two ways
a. When different Groups register with us with details of their members and choices, we conceptualize projects that cater to the requirements and interests of the respective groups. Most of the residents of the Project would belong to members of that group or their family and friends. This helps in co-creating spaces for Community Building.
b. Also, where Group Bookings help members of the group in leveraging price considerations for a specified period of time, only for the members of the specific group.

You can register your interest in the Group Booking segment on our website at You can also send in specific/ additional requirements of your group to us at and we will connect with you.

Zaurya collates the information shared through Group Booking and approaches Developers for exclusive projects for the Group. It utilizes the inputs and requirements given by the Group while planning the project. Group Booking also helps in bulk negotiations, thereby bringing Special Price considerations for the Buyers.

As a Buyer, you get a three fold benefit
a. You reside with members of your group which creates a harmonious society
b. You get the benefit of price consideration due to bulk negotiations
c. Since the client base for the Project is already established, the developer is able to complete the project faster while maintaining quality of construction, thus leading to hassle free completion of the project.

Group Booking is advantageous for the Developers too.
a. Since there is a specified client base available, along with their requirements and interests, it helps the Developer meet the expectations of the Buyer.
b. The sales of the Project is faster thus reducing overheads on marketing and administrative costs. This helps in price considerations for the targeted Group.
c. With the pressures of marketing and customer requirements off, the Developer can focus on Project execution, thus meeting construction timelines and quality assurance. This assists in improving the Brand image and reputation of the Developer.

LHFE stands for Living in Harmony For Ever. When we reside among people from similar backgrounds and known to us, we share similar wavelengths in priorities and thought process. This helps to create a happy and harmonious environment for all members of the Community, thus Living in Harmony For Ever. LIFE stands for Living in a Friendly Environment. As most of the members of the Community belong to the same group, most residents know each other. That leads to comfort and ease in interacting with each other. The members become support for each other which creates a Joint Family like Environment, hence LIFE.

When a Group of people approach us for Group Booking, we try to offer exclusive projects to that Group. 70% of the residents belong to the Group and in turn they can refer 30% of the members from their family and friends. As most of the members of the Community are known to each other, it leads to a harmonious environment, thus helping in Community Building.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors are members of Team Zaurya who assist us in connecting with our prospective customers. They share information about Projects and campaigns to their family, friends and contacts by using social media and help them benefit from our offers and schemes.

Most Companies engage celebrities or prominent personalities as their Brand Ambassador in exchange for high remuneration to these personalities. Alternatively, certain Organisations also engage their Customers as Brand Ambassadors. In both the cases, the Brand Ambassadors may not understand or agree with the operations of the Organisation and hence, not very reliable. However, at Zaurya, we engage those people who understand and agree with the ideologies and processes of the Company and hence, are more trustworthy and reliable. This helps our Customers to experience a smooth, hassle-free transaction in the process of their home purchase.

Brand Ambassadors are an integral part of Team Zaurya and support us in three ways

  • Share information about our projects, campaigns and offers with their contacts, friends and family, thus promoting Brand Zaurya.
  • Assist us in conducting Demand Survey and understand the requirements of our Customer so that we can serve them better.
  • Take a pivotal role in Group Bookings by connecting their communities and groups with us so that we can cater to their needs and interests, thus helping us in Community Building.

Anyone who can spare free time to invest to talk about Zaurya Products can become a Brand Ambassador at Zaurya. You could be a homemaker, a retired person or even a working professional with free time to spare at hand.

A Brand Ambassador should be able to dedicate some spare time regularly to interact with people. They should have basic knowledge of the use of social media and should enjoy interacting with people. Good communication skills and a strong social circle will be an added advantage.

Yes, anyone from any background can become our Brand Ambassador, as long as you meet the prerequisites of becoming our Brand Ambassador.

You will be required to

  • Share information about Zaurya projects and campaigns with your family, friends and contacts using social media and Whatsapp.
  • Help the interested people to understand our Projects and answer their questions
  • Share details about the interested people with Zaurya. Our team at the site will take it forward from there.
  • Collect Demand Survey and Expression of Interest using their personal interactions and social media and help us understand the needs and wants of the Customers.

At Zaurya, our Brand Ambassadors play an important role in Company operations. You are a part of the Team but there are no pressures or targets to be achieved. You only need to spare some time regularly and share information about Zaurya Projects, campaigns, offers and schemes.

Brand Ambassadors bring in benefits for the Developers too. Since the Brand Ambassadors are in direct contact with the prospective customers, they help create a strong client base which assists in better sales, thus assisting in faster project completion. Since the Developer is relieved of pressures of marketing and administrative overheads, he can concentrate on the Project management, ensuring timely handing over and quality of construction. This supports enhancing Brand Image and reputation of the Developer.

No, you would not be required to travel as a Brand Ambassador. You are only required to work in an online mode.

If you are keen to not disclose your identity, you can support Zaurya as a Brand Ambassador without disclosing your identity.

As a Brand Ambassador, you are required to only share information. If there is anyone interested in a Project, you just need to share the details with us and our team at site will follow it up. You will not be required to make any follow up or sales.

A Channel Partner works on the premise of targets and conversions. He is responsible for the complete Buying cycle for his customer which includes follow ups, site visits, presentations, documentation etc whereas a Brand Ambassador is not required to take up any of these roles. The Brand Ambassador is free of any pressure  of target or revenue generation and that is why it is different from a Channel Partner.

The Brand Ambassadors get remuneration at par with current Industry standards and the same will be shared with you before your engagement with us.

Yes, we will provide you the basic training on our projects and also, on the CRM systems and equip you with the required information and support.

Yes, like any other employee of Zaurya, even Brand Ambassadors will be offered special price considerations, as per the existing standards, on any property purchased through Zaurya RealTech

All our Brand Ambassadors will be provided with a Dashboard where they can feed in their contacts and all details pertaining to their contacts and their follow ups will be available for them to see. The incentive and remuneration linked to the Brand Ambassadors will be automated and online, thus ensuring transparency in the transactions.

The payments to the Brand Ambassadors will be automated and online and frequency can be fortnightly or monthly, as per the need of the individual.

No, you will not be required to conduct any site visits. Our team at the site will follow up with your leads and take up subsequent documentation etc.

Zaurya will have a Coordinator  who will be a single point of contact for guidance, information sharing and facility support.