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Home buying is one of the most crucial decisions an individual has to take. This demanding survey help you to find best Villas Project In Bangalore. We all want to stay in a place that becomes our “Sweet Home” which includes a cozy layout, availability of basic amenities, a safe and secure neighbourhood, residence among people with similar lifestyles/backgrounds who can be our friends and good company to our kids. Most importantly, the ladies of the house get a company that gives social support in the said campuses.

The zaurya


Zaurya work on many real estate projects in bangalore. Won’t it be better if we could get the right platform where we express our desire to have a home as per our needs of location, size and financial comfort? Zaurya understands this gap and offers the ‘Demand Survey’ platform to help all the prospective home buyers.



The ‘Demand Survey’ is designed to understand the specific needs of the Customer to bundle them up based on their requirements. We collect inputs from Customers PAN India, analyse their interests, use the analysis to associate with Developers who have been validated as per our verification process and co-create Projects that fit the interests of our customers perfectly.

This is how we offer “Curated Properties” while “Building Communities” and ensuring smooth “Real Estate Buying Experience”



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When the end user becomes a part of the planning process, the results are better, more efficient and lead to reduced wastage. The Demand Survey has been designed primarily with the purpose of serving the customers for their choice of location, size & budget. Such collated demands in bulk, when presented to the Developer, help us in hard bargained cost for the customer and faster completion of the Project for the Developer, thereby, creating a Win-Win for all the players.

The Specific

Project Demand


Villa Project Near North Bangalore

Villa Project in Mangalore

Farm House project in North Bangalore

Farm plots with Organic Fruits Orchard & Green Vegetables

Apartments project near Electronic City

Villa Project Near Aerospace SEZ


Demand Survey is a tool designed to let the Buyer express their requirements and choice of Home purchase. It helps to understand the needs and interests of the Customer so that they can get the home of their dreams.

Since the Home Buyer is able to give his interests and needs, he does not have to compromise on his requirements and gets a house that meets his choice the most. The Buyer’s inputs become the information for Project developments, thus assisting him in contributing to the conceptualization of his future home.

There are quite a few benefits to the Buyer. They are
a. First and foremost, the Buyer gets a house that meets most of his requirements
b. With the Demand Survey, the client base for the specific project is identified. This reduces the pressure on the Developer to focus on marketing activities, thus helping the Developer focus on construction activities, resulting in improved Project management, delivery timelines and quality of construction.
c. With reduced overheads on marketing, promotional and administrative activities, there is considerable reduction in cost of construction. This reduction gets translated to Price considerations for the Buyer.

Demand Survey is not just beneficial for the Buyer but for the Developer too.
a. Since the choice of the Customer is already known and catered for, the client base for the Project is ready. This helps in faster sales of the Project.
b. With the pressure of marketing and sales off his shoulders, the Developer can focus on the development of the Project, thus resulting in better project management, meeting timelines and maintaining quality of construction.
c. Better Project management and Price considerations for the Buyer helps the Developer in enhancing his Brand image and reputation in the market.

Zaurya analyses the inputs received through Demand Survey and identifies the locations, sizes, budget etc that are the choice and requirements of the Home Buyers. Based on the analysis, Zaurya then approaches the Developer who can meet the needs and interests of the home purchasers. Since the client base for the Project is established, it helps Zaurya in negotiating for facilities, services and price considerations with the developer.

Demand Survey is conducted PAN India and is a regular activity. So there is no limited time frame to register your interest. As soon as you have worked out your requirements for a home, keeping in mind future use, settlement and requirements, you should register your choice through the Demand Survey Form.

Zaurya RealTech promises the best costs and a smooth buying experience for the Customers. With the Demand Survey, our team is able to identify the home buyers who would be interested in the particular project, thus getting our client base ready. The marketing and advertising overheads for promoting the project are reduced, the administrative and project overheads for the Developer also come down. This advantage received on the costs gets transferred to the Home Buyer which leads to price considerations and other benefits being offered to our Customers.

You can find the Demand Survey form under our Expression of Interest as a separate page on our website at

After registering your interest through the Demand Survey form, you will receive an acknowledgment mail from our team. Thereafter, a member of our team will connect to you to explain our existing Projects and check if any of them meet your expectations. Else, your inputs are recorded and used for the development of a new Project and accordingly, we would update you on a quarterly basis.

The sections in the Demand Survey form are designed to understand your requirements so it is important to share all the details. But, if there are any doubts in your mind, you may skip the point. However, it is mandatory for you to fill in the contact details, i.e., Name, Contact no and mail id, else your requirement will not get registered.