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Our mission is to engage in issues that are of concern to individuals, families and communities through an uncompromising commitment to create outstanding living, work and leisure environments.



The Concept

Home buying is one of the most crucial decisions an individual has to take. We all want to stay in a place that becomes our “Sweet Home” which includes a cozy layout, availability of basic amenities, a safe and secure neighborhood, residence among people with similar lifestyle/background who can be our friends and good company to our kids. Most importantly, the ladies of the house get company that gives social support in the said campuses.

The Zaurya Advantage

Won’t it be better if we could get the right platform where we express our desire to have a home as per our needs of location, size and financial comfort? Zaurya understands this gap and offers the ‘Demand Survey’ platform to help all the prospective home buyers.

The Process

The ‘Demand Survey’ is designed to understand the specific needs of the Customer to bundle them up based on their requirements. We collect inputs from Customers PAN India, analyse their interests, use the analysis to associate with Developers who have been validated as per our verification process and co-create Projects that fit the interests of our customers perfectly. This is how we offer “Curated Properties” while “Building Communities” and ensuring smooth “Real Estate Buying Experience”

Win-Win Proposition

When the end user becomes a part of the planning process, the results are better, more efficient and lead to reduced wastage. The Demand Survey has been designed primarily with the purpose of serving the customers for their choice of location, size & budget. Such collated demands in bulk, when presented to the Developer, help us in hard bargained cost for the customer and faster completion of the Project for the Developer, thereby, creating a Win-Win for all the players.




The Concept

Ryunosuke Satoro said “Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”.
The strength of togetherness leads to creation of a healthy and happy community. When we get together, we benefit both individually and as a Community. Zaurya understands this power and brings to you the concept of Group Bookings and facilitates the leverage of bulk negotiations and also assists you in Building Communities.

Building Communities

Group booking is your first step towards Community living.
-You join up with people of your choice whom you would want to share your living space with.
-Choose from the Project/Location identified by the Zaurya team for its Upcoming Projects.
-Share details of your group and our team will connect with you and assist you in creating a Community living space for you and your group.

LIFE - Live In Friendly Environment

We work on a unique 70:30 mix living formula where 70% of the residents are from the same working community/interest group to stay together in the same complex or project.

Members of the 70% group sponsor/recommend up to 30% of their family or friends, to be included in the Project. This concept allows you to build a vibrant living community, with the same wavelength, that in turn enhances the gross happiness in LIFE (Live In Friendly Environment).

LHFE - Living Happily For Ever

Majority of residents would be known to each other which works as a support system to fellow residents and let's you enjoy the benefits similar to a Joint Family which have been the strength of Indian Culture from time immemorial, thereby bringing the concept of LHFE (Living Happily For Ever).


Group Booking is a tool that helps Home Buyers benefit from purchases in groups or bulk. Home Buyers become part of groups (professional/ community) and register with Zaurya with details of their groups and receive benefits both in terms of price consideration and also facilities and services.

Group Bookings helps you to express your interest for your dream home while becoming part of a group. It gives you the power to create a community of your choice. Becoming a part of a group also helps you to leverage Bulk purchases.

Group Booking works in two ways
a. When different Groups register with us with details of their members and choices, we conceptualize projects that cater to the requirements and interests of the respective groups. Most of the residents of the Project would belong to members of that group or their family and friends. This helps in co-creating spaces for Community Building.
b. Also, where Group Bookings help members of the group in leveraging price considerations for a specified period of time, only for the members of the specific group.

You can register your interest in the Group Booking segment on our website at www.zaurya.in You can also send in specific/ additional requirements of your group to us at info@zaurya.in and we will connect with you.

Zaurya collates the information shared through Group Booking and approaches Developers for exclusive projects for the Group. It utilizes the inputs and requirements given by the Group while planning the project. Group Booking also helps in bulk negotiations, thereby bringing Special Price considerations for the Buyers.

As a Buyer, you get a three fold benefit
a. You reside with members of your group which creates a harmonious society
b. You get the benefit of price consideration due to bulk negotiations
c. Since the client base for the Project is already established, the developer is able to complete the project faster while maintaining quality of construction, thus leading to hassle free completion of the project.

Group Booking is advantageous for the Developers too.
a. Since there is a specified client base available, along with their requirements and interests, it helps the Developer meet the expectations of the Buyer.
b. The sales of the Project is faster thus reducing overheads on marketing and administrative costs. This helps in price considerations for the targeted Group.
c. With the pressures of marketing and customer requirements off, the Developer can focus on Project execution, thus meeting construction timelines and quality assurance. This assists in improving the Brand image and reputation of the Developer.

LHFE stands for Living in Harmony For Ever. When we reside among people from similar backgrounds and known to us, we share similar wavelengths in priorities and thought process. This helps to create a happy and harmonious environment for all members of the Community, thus Living in Harmony For Ever. LIFE stands for Living in a Friendly Environment. As most of the members of the Community belong to the same group, most residents know each other. That leads to comfort and ease in interacting with each other. The members become support for each other which creates a Joint Family like Environment, hence LIFE.

When a Group of people approach us for Group Booking, we try to offer exclusive projects to that Group. 70% of the residents belong to the Group and in turn they can refer 30% of the members from their family and friends. As most of the members of the Community are known to each other, it leads to a harmonious environment, thus helping in Community Building.