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For the majority of people, purchasing a home goes beyond a fantasy. A person dedicates a large portion of their life to house hurting. But in reality, the house-purchasing process may be more challenging, especially for first-time purchasers. 

Before purchasing any property, you must thoroughly study any documents the previous owner offers and confirm their authenticity with the organizations producing the paperwork.

This article will discuss the importance of checking documents before buying a property in Bangalore. In order to analyze these documents and make a secure property purchase in Bangalore, it is essential to seek the advice of a licensed legal expert and a dependable real estate agent. Exercise due care and thoroughly check all areas to prevent potential legal and monetary difficulties.

5 important documents to check before buying a property in Bangalore 

In order to protect their investment and prevent any legal and financial difficulties, prospective purchasers must take the crucial step of verifying the documentation related to the unit. Here are the top 5 essential documents before buying a property which are discussed below. 

1. The Sale Deed

One of the most important legal papers to review is the sale deed. It includes the documentation of the purchase and transfer of the property. 

Years after buying a property, it is very conceivable that the owner would decide to sell it for whatever reason, in which case these papers will be crucial. A sale deed is completed before a sale agreement and following the parties consent to its terms and conditions. 

2. The Mother deed 

The mother deed is the primary document that establishes the ownership history of a particular piece of land. It is also referred to in certain places as the “Parent Document” or “Grandparent Document.” Typically, the Mother Deed chronicles the ownership of the property from its original owner to the present owner. 

It is crucial to confirm the legitimacy and accuracy of the Mother Deed to ensure that the property has a clear title and that there are no encumbrances or issues connected. 

3. Approved layout plan 

The approved plans are crucial records in the real estate building process. They are essential in ensuring that a property’s development complies with the guidelines established by the local authorities. 

These plans are required to get the relevant permits and approvals for construction-related operations. Property purchasers must ensure that the building and floor plans for the property they are interested in are legally valid and follow local laws.

4. Completion certificate 

The local municipal authority will issue a completion certificate after the construction project. It is given to the developer or builder as proof that the construction was completed by the authorized building design and that the structure is presently suitable for occupancy or usage. 

5. Encumbrance Certificate 

An Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is a significant legal document that details ownership and any debts or other obligations connected to a particular property. 

It is frequently used in real estate transactions to confirm the property’s title and ensure it is unencumbered by any liens or legal claims. The regional sub- registrar’s Office or the appropriate body overseeing real estate registrations issues the EC.


These are the crucial documents before buying properties in Bangalore. These documents are essential for people because they spend a lot of money on them. So buying a property in Bangalore, you must make a checklist of your documents. 

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