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Who We Are?

We are a team of Ex Defence Personnel, promoting & managing the revolutionary concept of CURATED PROPERTIES with a specific focus on addressing housing needs of our Defence, Para Military & Defence PSUs; PAN India, with dedicated & exclusive residential projects with special price considerations.

Why Defence Communities?

A Defence Services background ensured a lifelong affiliation and inclination towards our brethren from Armed Forces. Having walked the same path, we have first hand experience of the happiness, expectations, limitations, and also the pain of a Service Personnel.
Armed Forces personnel are always in a state of motion owing to the nature of their profile, which becomes a major barrier when they have to settle down. Buying a house is a vital decision, whether a home for own occupancy or for an investment, but it is a long arduous journey in the dynamic market situations, innumerable advices, unreliable suppliers, ever changing rules and regulations, a constant fear of getting into a wrong deal or compromising on one’s preference and capability. Thus, it becomes imperative to seek professional guidance that is trustworthy and reliable.

How Do We Serve?

-We provide technology enabled and end-to-end real estate solutions with a special focus towards Defence and associated communities.
-Inspired from the methodology and cost effectiveness of Defence Services Housing Organisations, Zaurya conceptualises and accordingly facilitates Residential Projects, keeping in mind the requirements of the Customer based on Demand Surveys and Expressions of Interest.
-Handhold the Home Buyer through their journey of Home Purchase and support them at every step so that they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work without fear.
-Promote Community living by facilitating only CURATED PROPERTIES with exclusive and dedicated Projects for Defence, Paramilitary and Defence PSUs; PAN India.

What We Ensure

-Verified Properties & Developers
-Developers History Checked
-Legal Strength Of The Property
-Best Quality & Timely Delivery

What We Do

-Provide best price through price negotiations mechanism
-Community Building: Getting like minded people to stay together
-Ensure safety of investment through legal due diligence
-Complete support in the home buying process
-Post Sales Services - Rentals, Resell, Interiors/Furnishing, Maintenance, etc.


Defence Communities refers to personnel, whether serving or retired and families of Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces & Defence PSUs.. The list is indicative and not comprehensive and, in principle, refers to Uniformed personnel who are responsible for the peace and protection of our Country along with those civilians who are paid out of Defence Estimates and are equally dutiful in the protection of our country.

Personnel from Defence Communities keep travelling due to the nature of their job and never settle in one place until their retirement. They need a facility that can take care of Property purchase and maintenance requirements without having to worry about their investment. Hence, a special segment for Defence Communities. Also, since our Management mostly comprises Ex Defence Personnel, it is our way of expressing gratitude to our background of Armed forces.

With Defence Communities, Zaurya conceptualises dedicated Residential Projects that promote Community Building while keeping in mind the expectations and needs of the Home Buyer, thus enhancing the Customer Experience. We carry out Demand Surveys and take expressions of interest to understand the interest of the personnel from Defence Communities and use the information to offer Curated Properties.

Zaurya handholds the Defence Personnel through the process of Home buying from purchase to possession and also post possession support. We use our tech enabled platform to provide complete project details to our Customer, readily available on our platform, along with designated Buddies (Property Advisers) who support the customer with their specific requirements.

The problem areas in Property purchase addressed by Zaurya are:
● Choice of location, type and budget while deciding on the Property
● Risk of investment owing to legal approvals, clearances, Builder background verification and ensure Govt regulations are complied with.
● Uncertainty connected to quality of construction and timelines
● Difficulty associated with progress of the Project and availability of regular updates
● Queries and clarifications post possession and support with reselling and renting out the Property

While Zaurya offers some projects exclusively for Defence Communities, we would be taking up projects for other Professional Communities too, like Teachers, CAs, Doctors, Bankers, Central & State Govt employees, etc.

Defence Communities helps the Home Buyer get benefit of Community living, an extension of Camp life that has been a constant support, advantage of Bulk negotiations resulting in price considerations and a thriving social life.

Yes, of course, all serving and ex Defence personnel can register with us under Defence Communities. Please register your interest through Demand Survey on our website at www.zaurya.in

Hand Holding through specially trained Buddies, means guiding and supporting the Home Buyer at every step of the process of Property purchase so that there is no fear or uncertainty in the mind of the Customer. It includes pre-sale verification of the Property and background check of the Developer, facilitating Bank loans, updates on progress of construction during the Project completion and monitoring quality of construction and delivery timelines, ensuring the Customer gets what he was promised.

As the members from Defence Communities are generally positioned at far away places, Handholding support helps them stay aware of the progress of their Property, giving them security and safety of their investment. Zaurya is literally the eyes and ears of the Customer that brings happiness and satisfaction for the Defence personnel while deciding and purchasing their dream home.