Eco-Friendly Flats: Exploring Sustainable Housing Options

With the ever-increasing pollution and the effects of climate change, individuals and organizations alike are getting more invested in reducing their carbon footprint. As a result, sustainable housing options are becoming more popular with time.

If you plan to buy a flat, looking into eco-friendly ones will be wise. This piece will focus on the features of a sustainable home, its benefits, and its impact on the environment. 

If you want to learn more about this and purchase a sustainable home, the following sections will be quite informative. 

The features of a sustainable home 

The first point of discussion is the features that should be there in a sustainable home. The following points will elucidate the topic further: 

Energy-efficient design – An eco-friendly home comes with efficient insulation, high-performance windows, and a natural ventilation system. So, there is no need for excessive heating or cooling, which will be energy efficient, saving you electricity bills. 

Renewable energy integration – Sustainable housing comes with features such as solar panels, EV charging points, wind turbines, geothermal pumps, etc., to produce energy, reducing the dependence on non-renewable energy sources. 

Water conservation – Such homes come with water-efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling systems, etc. This will reduce the overall water consumption of the house, reducing strain on the local water resources. 

Use of eco-friendly materials – These homes are built with eco-friendly materials, such as recycled materials, low-VOC paints, sustainable wood products, etc. This will reduce the environmental impact of the construction process. 

Greenery and landscaping – It’s known that vegetation helps effectively reduce an area’s temperature. So, an eco-friendly home should have a lot of greenery and proper landscaping, including various natural elements like plants, trees, water features, etc. Together, they will make the place look beautiful, benefiting both the environment and people. 

The benefits of sustainable housing 

If you choose sustainable housing, you should be aware of the benefits of such a decision. This way, you will be making an informed decision. The following points will help you understand the benefits better: 

  1. When you are living in an eco-friendly home, you are living a sustainable lifestyle. It will reduce your carbon footprint considerably, help the environment, and contribute to creating and retaining a greener future. 
  2. The initial cost of building an eco-friendly home is higher, but you can save more on energy bills and maintenance costs in the long run. It will be financially beneficial for you. 
  3. An eco-friendly home will use low-VOC paint, eco-friendly materials and have better ventilation than a regular home. This way, the indoor air quality will increase, promoting healthier living and reducing the chance of respiratory issues. 
  4. With the steady growth in the popularity and demand for eco-friendly homes, the resale value of the homes will continue to grow. Hence, such homes will prove to be a beneficial financial investment. 
  5. The design of eco-friendly homes is such, and the use of eco-friendly materials is done in such a way that these homes are coded for superior comfort for the inhabitants. 

The impact on the environment 

Deciding to buy or build an eco-friendly home is beneficial for a homeowner; at the same time, it will substantially impact the environment. For example, when you spend less energy, you are saving non-renewable resources from being finished, ensuring a better future for the coming generations.

Adding more plants, trees, and greenery will improve the air quality, which is good for the environment. Rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling, and other ways of saving water will reduce the pressure on the underground water reserve, helping the environment further. Moreover, living a sustainable lifestyle will produce less waste, which will be highly beneficial for the environment.

In short, your sustainable home will become a beacon of hope for others to follow, helping the environment further while retaining the chance of a green future. 

The takeaway 

Sustainable homes are not an entirely new concept, but they are revisited ones. Therefore, it is something that you can work with and explore to your heart’s content, especially if you are building your home from scratch. If, on the other hand, you are buying one, it is vital to ensure that you are choosing the right piece of property.

If you are looking for guidance, suggestions, and advice on this quest, Zaurya can assist. Our team of experts has both the know-how and the experience to guide you through buying a sustainable home.

In this context, we would also like to point out that our new project Sumuk Square has a rainwater harvesting system, which is a small but significant step in creating sustainable housing. We are creating options for you to explore, hence we can guide you throughthe purchase process as well. 

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Which is a better purchase, an independent house or a flat?

Purchasing a house is a crucial decision which will have a long-term impact on your life. This is also going to be a considerable financial investment that will have a significant impact on your future financial conditions, stability and decisions. Therefore, you have to be careful and serious while finding an answer to the question mentioned above.

Buying a independent house or flat is expensive

When it comes to real estate investments, you should always remember the amount will be significant. Not everyone has the amount ready. So, you will either have to arrange for a loan or other financial assistance to make the purchase. 

Whichever option you choose, for the next few years, it will influence all your financial decisions. Therefore, you need to be careful. Weighing the options carefully will help with the process of choosing. Comparing both the pros and cons of buying a house and a flat will simplify the process, further. 

The pros and cost of buying an independent house

The pros of buying a house are:

  1. You will own a house and not a small portion of a property
  2. You will have complete privacy, as there won’t be any sharing of a floor or walls 
  3. You can make changes or developments without causing inconvenience to your neighbors
  4. If there is additional space like a courtyard or front yard, you can do gardening or have a DIY project 
  5. Houses are usually built under the strict supervision of the owner and the best quality materials within the budget are used 
  6. In the mind of a lot of people, houses are the better choice, because they are considered more expensive and a symbol of higher affordability

The cons of buying a house are:

  1. You will have to handle the maintenance and other regular tasks yourself 
  2. Any expansion will require complete involvement and a lot of time
  3. Additional expenses will continue to build up after the purchase
  4. You have to handle any additional responsibilities that may come up
  5. Security of your house will be your personal responsibility

The pros and cons of buying a flat 

The pros of buying a flat are: 

  1. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance and subsequent responsibilities 
  2. You will have access to a ready community and easy social interaction
  3. Staying in an apartment will give you security and safety since most apartments have security guards and CCTV cameras.
  4. You won’t have to leave the compound for exercise, swimming, games, taking your child to the park or such activities
  5. Depending on the area you choose, there will be ample opportunities for entertainment
  6. The cost of an apartment is often less than a house.

The cons of buying flat are:

  1. You cannot make changes as per your wish or whenever you want
  2. You will be sharing the floor with other people which may not seem private enough
  3. Gardening, DIY, and such projects will have to be small-scaled or cannot be attempted 
  4. You will be the owner of only your flat which is not enough for many people
  5. The cost of making the purchase may not be worthwhile, especially if you choose the wrong builder

In conclusion

After reading all these points, you will have to create a pros-cons list highlighting the benefits you will get from this decision. 

When comparing two different items, deciding which one is the best will depend on you. Hence, the answer to the above-mentioned question lies with you and your requirements at the moment. If you buy a flat in a property curated or developed by Zaurya though, it will always be the right decision. 

Also if you are thinking of buying a flat in bangalore then you can contact us. We will find you the best flat and guide you in every way.

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What is the interior cost for a 3bhk apartment in Bangalore?

Buying an apartment is quite a financial investment and achievement, but the actual purchase process is more extensive than you initially imagined. When you are taking possession of the apartment, you are getting a new canvas, ready to give wings to your imagination. But then, the canvas is for you to design. You have to make the apartment liveable and comfortable so that your family staying in the apartment can enjoy the home you have so lovingly built. In short, the interior will remain incomplete and you will have to get it done. 

If you are contemplating investing in a property in Bangalore and wish to buy an apartment, considering the interior decoration part within the list of factors and areas will be necessary. 

This piece will focus on the possible cost of interior decoration for a 3BHK apartment in one of the best and most poshest cities in the country.

The factors that will determine the cost

When it comes to determining the cost of anything, you need to keep in mind that the expense differs based on factors such as the size, quality of the item, its rarity, the effort required for creating it, and more.

In this scenario, the focus is the interior decoration of your newly bought 3BHK apartment. The factors that will determine the cost of interior decoration are: 

  1. The condition of the apartment when it is handed over, whether is unfurnished, semi furnished or unfurnished. Most apartments are handed over in an unfurnished state.
  2. Your plan for the interior deoending on the kind of comfort, apperance or functionality you are looking at.
  3. Quality of the products used since there is a wide range of products in much wider price points
  4. Whether it’s a DIY project or professionals are being hired 
  5. How long is it taking to complete the project 
  6. How many people are needed to be hired 
  7. The effort required for the project 

This means, the interior decoration of your flat can be an expensive project. 

How to find out the cost of interior decoration of your flat? 

Once you have understood the factors that will influence the expense of interior decoration of your flat, you can contact multiple interior decorators. From reputed and large firms to small and reliable businesses, you can choose any that suits your requirements perfectly. 

Instead of settling down with one option right away, it will be better if you shortlist multiple options. This way, you won’t have to depend on a single service provider

Once you have shortlisted the potential options, you can ask for quotations from these companies and individuals for the project. After getting multiple quotations, you can compare them carefully and choose the best out of them. 

This is also the step which will mostly determine the cost of interior decoration of your flat. The estimate given by the interior decorator will help, though you should keep provision for some additional expense, which may come up unexpectedly. 

The conclusion to be drawn

So, in conclusion, it can be said that the expense of the interior decoration of a 3BHK home in Bangalore depends on several factors. And you should have a clear idea about them, before choosing the interior decorator. With all this information, you can understand the given estimate better and make a wise choice. 

If you are buying an apartment from Zaurya, handling the interior decoration part will become easier. Zaurya is known for reliability, superior quality and curated real estate projects. They are also known for their extensive knowledge in the field of real-estate. 

Hence, they can help you find the right interior decorator and provide guidance to manage the whole process without hurdles and hiccups. 

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The Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosed Properties: Risks and Rewards

Potential homebuyers or real estate investors wanting to purchase properties at discounted prices may find the chance to purchase foreclosed properties to be an appealing option. It is a legal process in which an investor defaults on a loan by failing to make mortgage payments. After that, you can purchase the foreclosed property directly from the lender, sometimes at a significant discount.

Do you want to know the pros and cons of buying a foreclosed property? If yes, we will discuss the pros and cons of purchasing foreclosed properties in this blog. By understanding the risks and rewards, the individual can make a decision and the negative complexities of the foreclosure market more effectively. 

What are foreclosed properties?

Real estate-owned (REO) properties are also known as foreclosed properties. Lenders or financial institutions have taken over these types of properties due to the failure of the previous owner to make mortgage payments. 

This usually happens when the homeowner misses a payment on their mortgage loan, and the lender starts a legal procedure to reclaim the unpaid amount. There are various types of foreclosed properties, such as single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, condominiums, townhouses, commercial properties and vacant land. 

In general, the lender or bank would sell these properties to compensate for their losses and remove the non-performing asset from their accounting records. 

Pros and cons of buying foreclosed properties

Proper research is essential before buying a foreclosed property because it can help you understand its pros and cons. Some common pros and cons of buying foreclosed properties are discussed below. 


  • Lower price 

Foreclosed properties are offered to potential purchasers at less than their fair market value or with discounts. Owners typically sell foreclosed homes as soon as possible since they are regarded as distressed assets. 

  • Investment potential 

Investing in a foreclosed property is an opportunity to make substantial profits. Once you have bought the property, you may make money by remodeling, renting, or selling it.  

  • Quick transfer of titles 

If there are no ongoing legal matters with the lender, the property titles are promptly handed to the lender in foreclosure. In other words, the bank assumes ownership and the associated responsibilities as soon as the property is bought.

  • Variety of properties 

In foreclosed properties, you can get various types of homes, such as single-family houses, condominiums, commercial buildings, and abandoned land. This variation gives buyers various investment possibilities. 


  • Condition issues 

The former owners of foreclosed homes may have neglected or maintained them poorly, which can lead to expensive repairs and renovations. Before making a purchase, careful examinations and analyses must be made. 

  • The title may include pre-existing obligations 

Conflicts may arise when the property is foreclosed, such as inhabited by trespassers with a lease or the former owner who steadfastly refuses to leave. 

  • Legal complexities 

Understanding how to manage the legal difficulties involved in the foreclosure process is crucial since they can be complex. If you do, you can avoid unanticipated legal problems. 

  • Limited financing options 

Financing a foreclosed home might occasionally be more complicated than a regular purchase. Specific forms of financing might only be available for houses in good condition, and lenders can have stronger criteria.


While buying foreclosed properties might come with concerns like poor condition, a lack of property history, competition, and financing difficulties, it can also provide benefits like decreased costs, investment possibilities, various properties, and bargaining chances. 

So if you plan to buy foreclosed properties, you must understand the potential risks and rewards by adequately researching the property. 

real estate in North Bangalore

Why now’s the perfect time to invest in real estate in North Bangalore?

North Bangalore is the fastest-growing metropolitan locality and the best option for real estate in North Bangalore. Investing money in a flat or apartment is a vital decision because it emerges with your future assets. So before booking a flat or plot in Bangalore, you need to consider a few things for getting good rental values in the future. 

There are a few newly constructed apartments for sale in Bangalore that can help you to buy a flat in a proper location at an affordable price. Bangalore is the most popular city in India because of this real-estate can get perspective about investing their money on various home projects. 

This blog will discuss the top 5 reasons to invest in real estate in North Bangalore to get a good number of financial benefits in the future. 

5 reasons to invest in real estate in North Bangalore 

Good connectivity 

The places in north Bangalore are very popular and have good connectivity with other locations. Because of this people can reach their destination within a short time. Moreover, the place of north Bangalore is very close to the airport, schools, and hospitals. Upcoming metro development real estate in North Bangalore will help to make transportation easy and convenient. 

Affordable price 

The reasonable price of the apartment mainly attracts people. The growing demand for homes is potentially increased so it gives an impact on the price of the properties. There are a few ongoing projects of real estate agencies in North Bangalore

So you can find an apartment at an affordable price with full facilities. If you are thinking about buying a house in north Bangalore, you need to understand the value of the plots. It will help you to get return values in the future. 

Tax benefits 

Tax incentives are available to individual house loans that are taken out to finance real estate investment in North Bangalore. This is beneficial for those who wish to build or buy their dream house. The mortgage interest deduction is also beneficial for buyers because of this they can easily apply for home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.

Fantastic return on investment 

Bangalore is the IT capital of India and attracts enthusiastic, talented, and young professionals from across the nation. Because of this, various types of multinational companies are situated here.

 In north Bangalore, there is the availability of luxurious villas and apartments which are promoted by renowned real estate agencies. So, if you are planning to invest your money in flats, it will be a good decision for you. Because it will provide you with a fantastic financial return on investment.  

Consistent expansion of real estate in Bangalore 

The real estate in North Bangalore is managing its stability while creating significant and long-term returns for homeowners. Investment in a home property is a brilliant idea because it helps to get long-term financial benefits. As we know that the climate in Bangalore is very pleasant and has a good number of reputed educational institutions, so buying a flat in this city will be good for future returns. 

The best places to invest in North Bangalore 

North Bangalore is a growing locality and it emerges with the best options for real estate development. Yelahanka, Jalahalli, and the aerospace park are well-known places in North Bangalore. There are a few ongoing projects which will provide flats at an affordable price.  If you are interested in buying flats in this area, you can consider plots of Zaurya in Bangalore.  

Yelahanka is a good locality in North Bangalore and is very close to the airport, schools, colleges, and hospitals. Because of this investing money in the property in this area will be a good decision. Also, this place is connected with other important parts of the city. 

Jalahalli is a reputed area in North Bangalore and the transportation of this place is very convenient. Because of this, the Jalahalli people can reach their destination without facing transportation liability. As this location is considered an urban area, the apartment in this place carries all the necessary facilities. 

The aerospace park is a well-known and reputed locality of real estate in North Bangalore and it has a few ongoing projects of 2BHK and 3BHK apartments. Proper security is available in this place. Moreover, new upcoming rail projects in this area will help the people to reduce the liability of traffic.  

So if you are planning to buy new apartments in North Bangalore, you must consider these places. It will provide you with good rental benefits in the future. Moreover, they have a special offer for defense community people such as price consideration on the defense housing in Bangalore.


Buying a house in Bangalore at a proper location will be helpful to get future returns. There are 5 main reasons to invest in real estate in Bangalore. So if you have a plan to buy a flat in North Bangalore, this post will help you. 


Plan to Buy a House in India

The Ultimate Guide On How To Plan to Buy a House in India in 2023

Owning a home in a major city is a fulfillment of a lifetime desire for millions of people. If Plan to Buy a House in India is a major accomplishment so it requires lots of patience and research.   Before booking a flat you must check the clarity of the places because it will be a huge investment of money. 

Looking for apartments is difficult because the housing sector in India is a competitive market. Plan to Buy a House In India involves a few processes which need to be followed during booking your dream house.  If you are planning to buy a house in Bangalore, this blog post will help you. 

When you are planning to invest your money in a flat, you need to follow a few steps to plan to buy a house in India. 

Plan to Buy a House in India in 2023. So here are some points:

1. Make a proper budget plan 

Making a proper budget plan is essential before booking a flat in India. Before finalizing the fault in India you need to prepare the tentative amount for your dream house. A proper budget plan can help you to reduce market risks and enjoy profits. 

Searching for a home is not easy because it involves few risks. So, If you are thinking about buying apartments in north Bangalore, you need to set a proper budget plan.

2. Check the location and type of the property 

The preferable location should be the primary criterion, before buying a house in India. If you plan to buy or build a house, you must make your decision well in advance. The type of property is involved in the 2 BHK apartments or 3 BHK apartments. When you are looking for a flat in a proper location, you need to clear your property type requirement. 

Nowadays, metropolitan areas’ flat rate is high because they are close to airport, schools, colleges, and hospitals. So, if you are planning to buy a flat in India, you can consider the apartments in North Bangalore because those are involved with all the major amenities. 

3. The home  resale value

Before booking the property, it is important to check the resale value of the property. Getting the future value of the property is important to understand market statistics. Sometimes, proper locations are not enough to get the resale values of the chosen property.   In that case, you must consider both location and type of property. 

4. Check loan eligibility and EMI

Some people can’t afford to buy a home or property with a down payment. Therefore they take out home loans for buying their dream house. Therefore different types of eligibility criteria for different banks. So, before applying for a loan, you need to check your eligibility. To pay the EMI over a specified period, you have to calculate it but have to make sure that the monthly payment does not increase by 40% of your EMI as per general rules. 

5. Registration fee 

When you book your flats or apartments, a couple of additional charges need to be paid. Fees are involved with stamp duty, registration fees, sales tax, and income tax you have to pay. Once you book or finalize the house, you estimate your changes and registration fees.  If you are planning to buy property in Bangalore, you need to pay the changes according to the cost of this state.  

6. List all the documents 

Third parties are involved in buying apartments in India,  you have to ensure that all the payments are made. In addition, you need to make a checklist of all the documents about your property. 

7. Property insurance 

This is very important to keep your house safe and secure. There are various types of insurance policies that will be beneficial for your family’s needs.  In a nutshell, when you think of choosing a house in a good area the than flats for sale in Yelahanka, you should consider these steps as the ultimate guideline. 


This concludes the basic guidelines for buying a flat in India such as Bangalore. The cost of the flats in the metropolitan city is very high and it provides a good amount of resale value in the future. These steps are essential for buying a property in India. 

So if you are looking for a flat in India, you can consider the north Bangalore apartments and must follow these steps to avoid complications. 


2/3 bhk apartments for sale in bangalore
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2/3 BHK Apartment in Bangalore: A Worthy Investment with Lifelong Return

In recent years, residential real estate in India has observed unmatched growth owing to revised Government policies and multiple home loan facilities for 2/3 BHK apartments in Bangalore. More and more people can afford to buy their dream home. However, when it comes to buying an apartment, home buyers get confused about what kind of apartment to purchase. Although 2BHK-3BHK apartments might be expensive, they are a safe & stable investment. If you are looking to buy a 2/3 BHK Apartment in Bangalore, you should have a fair idea about the factors that govern the price of per unit. The price of apartments are dependent on area, location and property developer. Moreover, there is not much difference in price between a 2BHK and a 3 BHK, so it is always advisable to invest in a 3BHK for a little extra room. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Investing in a 2 /3 BHK Apartment in Bangalore

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why investing in a 2 /3 BHK Apartment in Bangalore is a worthy investment giving lifelong returns:

1. Cost Effectiveness:

Although the cost of 1BHK or 1.5BHK may be much less, it is not cost-effective in the long run. Instead investing in a 2/3BHK apartment is better if you are looking for a cost-effective investment. For example, property builders in Bangalore offer 1 BHK apartments at 28-30 Lakhs or more but the price of 2/3 BHK apartments with all necessary amenities & central location starts from only 40-42 Lakhs. This means if the homebuyer is putting in 10 lakhs extra he/she is getting a much more spacious apartment worthy of investment.

2. High Market Availability:

2/3 BHK apartments are getting cheaper due to various new policies and schemes launched by the Government of India. This has completely changed the face of the modern real estate market. Thanks to housing schemes that have made 2/3 BHK apartments affordable for mid-income group homebuyers. More and more, reputed property aggregators & developers in Bangalore are launching 2 & 3 BHK apartments nowadays owing to their high market demand.

3. Ready Audience:

2/3 BHK apartments are perfect for all kinds of buyers, be it a nuclear family, small family, or bachelor. The rental income from such apartments is good because they offer a spacious yet compact way of living.  

4. Enough Space for Future Planning:

Buying a 2/3 BHK flat is a one-time investment that gives you all the space you need to plan your future. The need to buy another flat does not arise even when you start planning for kids or taking care of aging parents. Since these flats are spacious, you do not have to start saving money or take up a loan to move into a bigger place with increasing family members.

5. High Resale Value:

These apartments have high resale value especially if they are located in a prime location. For instance, if you are looking for a 2/3BHK Apartment in North Bangalore connected to a thriving infrastructure the important regions to target would be Yelahanka, Jalahalli, Hebbal and Devanahalli for a good investment. This scenario is purely dependent on the market demand and supply.

Consider Investment in 2/3 BHK Apartments in Bangalore:

Your personal goals and situational urgency play a huge role in the selection of your apartment. But, it is important not to rush and make an informed choice weighing all the pros and cons. Thus, if you are looking for an apartment in North Bangalore, consider buying a 2BHK or 3BHK flat for a great return on investment and long-term stability. 


5 Reasons why it is the Perfect time to invest in a Home in North Bangalore

Bangalore is fast becoming a sought after City for employment, education and settling down, not just for the locals but for people from other cities too. Owing to its salubrious climate, cosmopolitan population and it being the hub of IT Industry in India, Bangalore poses to be the perfect destination for all. One part of Bangalore that is seeing burgeoning growth, not just in terms of infrastructural development but also enhanced presence of IT sector is North Bangalore due to which North Bangalore is rapidly becoming a favoured choice for Property investment, not just residential but commercial as well. Here we list out 5 main reasons why it is the perfect time to invest in a home in North Bangalore.
  1. Location and Connectivity to other parts of Bangalore and otherwise: One of the biggest location advantage for North Bangalore is the presence of Kempegowda International Airport which does not just provide connectivity to other parts of the Country and the globe, but also enables job opportunities and facilitates infrastructural development in the region. The connectivity is further enhanced due to the 6 lane Bellary Highway. North Bangalore is also well connected to other parts of Bangalore. with ORR which will be further smoothened with the upcoming Line-5 of Metro from Silk Board to KIA terminal, connecting Hebbal, Yelahanka and Jakkur, expected to be completed by mid 2025
  2. Thriving Infrastructure: North Bangalore is home to a number of residential projects by some of the prominent builders in Bangalore, thus enabling a strong social infrastructure in place. This has made way for the presence of numerous shopping malls like Esteem Mall and RMZ Galleria, supermarkets like Fresh, More, Smart, Namdhari etc in close proximity. Also present are a number of Educational Institutes like Delhi Public School, Ryan International, Vidyashilp Academy, Presidency College, MVIT and many more. North Bangalore also has good health care facilities with the presence of prominent hospitals and clinics, Columbia Asia and Aster Hospital to name a few. With such a sturdy infrastructure in place, North Bangalore is becoming a favourable choice to reside and settle.
  3. Employment Opportunities: An established infrastructure in North Bangalore is ensuring sufficient Employment Opportunities, attracting businessmen, medical practitioners, Airport and Aviation professionals staff, students, educators and IT professionals. Presence of expansive IT Parks like Manyata Tech Park in Nagawara, Ecopolis in Yelahanka and Kirloskar in Hebbal ensures good employment opportunities for the Corporate sector, especially from IT background. This is further enhanced with the upcoming IT SEZ and Devanahalli Business Park which promises better growth and job opportunities.
  4. Good rentals: With a thriving infrastructure, strong connectivity to other parts of the city and good employment opportunities, North Bangalore is seeing good rentals with more and more professionals wanting to shift close to their workplace. This has led to a number of residential projects in the region, providing good facilities and amenities, thus facilitating secure and safe residential spaces for all. This also has a positive impact on rentals in North Bangalore
  5. Appreciation of property: With steady infrastructural development and continued growth of the IT sector in the region, North Bangalore is seeing unfaltering appreciation of property. Add to it the sought-after rentals, Property in the region is sure to witness stable appreciation of property, thus making your decision to purchase your 2 & 3 bhk in jalahalli Bangalore, a wise one.
Hence, a Property purchase in North Bangalore will doubtlessly ensure better returns for you, both as a home and an investment. For helping you with your decision in your Home purchase, Zaurya Realtech facilitates curated homes, primarily focussed in North Bangalore so that you can enjoy the benefits of your hard earned money in peace and to the fullest. Visit for more details.