Why Buying a West Facing 2 BHK Apartment is an Excellent Choice

Buying a new house has always been a major decision and trends seem to sway one way or other from time to time. As per the market analysis,  the Indian real estate market still sees a majority of buyers from the middle income and high middle income segment of the society and their preferred choice is the 2BHK apartment with about 40% buyers opting for this particular type of apartment. 

While 2 BHK apartments already have an established market, but west facing 2 BHK homes do not. This is due to the myth that west-facing homes are not as auspicious as north and east-facing homes. However, according to Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious, and there is no such thing that west-facing homes are not as good as north or east-facing homes.

With various projects coming up across the major cities like Bangalore, the obvious question is, what are the driving forces behind buying a west-facing 2 BHK home. Let’s discuss the benefits.


Benefits of West-Facing Apartments

  • West facing homes give its residents the warmth and glow of the evening sun till late hours. You can enjoy sunlight longer which can have numerous health benefits, you must be already aware of.
  • It is believed that people who live in west-facing homes have plenty of friends. They won’t have any enemies and will be loved by all at their workplace, in personal relationships, and social situations.
  • West-facing homes are ideal for people who are in the following professions – politicians, teachers, religious leaders, and business people.
  • It is good for youngsters as these homes are said to bring more energy and enjoyment. Therefore, a great choice for bachelors or young couples to live amidst fun and frolic.
  • The West being the direction of Lord Varun, the controller of the universe is extremely auspicious to bring in wealth and prosperity. People living in west facing houses are more social and extroverts resulting in business and financial gains.
  • Those who live in this direction have bold opinions in their activities.Generally, they are cautious and observant in their approach and will not allow others to dominate them. This direction blesses energy for planning, working, etc. 
  • Four of the demi-Gods, Pushpadanta, Varuna, Asura and Mitra occupy this direction.
  • According to Japanese home design philosophies, homes that have west-facing doors have a sense of youth and exuberance. It is believed that west-facing doors let in energy into the home. This is why in Japan – all traditional homes have the main doors facing the west.
  • The main problem in a west facing home is that it gets the most amount of sun’s heat as a result the doors and windows may wear out. But in apartments, the doors and windows are already enclosed from the sun’s direct rays so you do not have to face this problem. 
  • You can enjoy a price advantage. Due to this myth attached to west facing houses being inauspicious, many people actively avoid buying them. Generally, these apartments have a lower price than east, south and north facing apartments. 
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Benefits of 2 BHK Apartments

Here is a list of some of the major benefits of getting a 2BHK apartment.

Family Planning

Any person willing to get married will be looking forward to buying a house at first. This is generally a decision taken at the early stage of the career where the budget is a moderate one. While considering marriage, getting a 1BHK apartment might sound good enough for just two people, but will certainly feel cramped when the family grows. Thus, a 2BHK apartment becomes the obvious minimum choice.

Cost Analysis

 While 1 BHK apartments are comparatively cheap, they will not be a practical choice for a person considering a growing family or not looking to change the apartment any soon. 3 BHK apartments and above are quite expensive.On the contrary, 2BHK is not just a practical option, but an affordable one as well. In major cities such as Bangalore, getting a 2BHK apartment in a good locality with excellent communication and other general facilities is advantageous making 2BHK the preferred choice.

Better Maintenance at Low Investment

Compared to the 3BHK apartments, maintenance of a 2BHK apartment will cost much lower. However, when compared to the 1BHK apartment, the cost increase is not so significant. Thus, it is always a smarter choice to opt for a 2BHK apartment and ensure that the apartment maintenance charge remains lower than a 3 or 4 BHK.

Better utilisation

 Investments are done keeping in mind the available resources. A 3BHK apartment sounds like a large space, but with the modern nuclear families cropping up especially in the metro cities like Bangalore, opting for a 3BHK apartment might just turn out to be an excess of space. 2BHK apartments are cosy and offer optimum utilisation of the space.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a house according to Vastu Shastra not only depends on the directions or facing of the house. It is crucial to know if the house will suit you depending on the purpose of buying the property and profession of the buyer. So it is time to put an end to the myth that west facing homes are inauspicious.

Besides, anyone who is considering buying a new apartment, it is the smartest option to invest in a 2BHK apartment, even if the person is single at the moment. It will offer you a better expand ability along with better resale value in the future if required. Hence, west facing 2BHK apartments are one of smartest choices you can make as a homebuyer

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