Why Buying a 3 BHK Apartment is a Wiser Move?

Why Buying a 3 BHK Apartment in North Bangalore is a Wise Move?

Home buying is a joyous and delightful experience. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a real estate investor, it does not matter compared to the sense of achievement and satisfaction you will get after purchasing a home. However, it is also a daunting task involving some degree of anxiety where you ask yourself “Am I making the right move?”

To find an answer to this question, you need to do some reading & research before making an informed decision. When you are deciding between a 2 or 3BHK flat, let your budget, family size, and immediate requirements have an impact on your final decision. However, before taking this massive plunge, it is crucial to know why opting for a 3BHK apartment in North Bangalore is a smarter decision. In the pursuit of the best home for your family, let us list a few benefits of buying a 3BHK flat in North Bangalore.

  1. Unprecedented Growth Opportunities in North Bangalore: The growth and development in North Bangalore has been massive offering you ample job opportunities. The city has received the status of “Silicon Valley” and now the “Start-up Capital” of India. People who are relocating to the city for work are ultimately buying homes and settling down due to best in class infrastructure & facilities and a round the clock pleasant climate.
  2. Spacious Home: Spacious dwelling is desired by everyone. Who does not want a place with ample space for family and an additional guest room that can be used as and when required? 3BHK Apartments in North Bangalore are famous for being spacious at a reasonable price compared to flats in other mainstream cities of India. 
  3. Perfect for Big Families: A 3 BHK flat can accommodate a big family easily. Whether you are living with your parents or siblings, it has room for all for a reasonably long time.
  4. Buying a 3BHK apartment in North Bangalore is a wise decision guaranteed to give you attractive future returns
  5. Multipurpose Third Room: A 3BHK flat gives you ample freedom to decorate the third room according to your choice & needs. You can convert it to an office room, a guest room or a recreational reading room. Anything you like! Besides, this social benefit, 3BHK flat also benefits you financially with better rate of return and rental yields.
  6. No Need for Repetitive Financial & Legal Hassles: When you are buying a new home you have to undertake a lot of legal formalities involving verification of paperwork and applying for home loans. If you feel you might need a 3BHK flat later, push yourself a little and purchase one now to save your time and effort in future.
  7. Demand Surge: A 3BHK flat will give you better financial gains. Therefore, there is a surge in demands for such flats in Bangalore. Generally speaking, the average salary of mid-segment IT professionals in Bangalore is higher compared to other metropolitan cities in the country. Good salary and status desire drives these people towards buying curated 3BHK apartment in North Bangalore. 

At Zaurya Realtech, we understand the happiness of calling a place your home. We strive to provide you with a dwelling that is spacious, a location that is prime, and a curated apartment you will love to address as your home. One such Zaurya project where you can buy a 2/3BHK apartment is Durga Nandana Shaurya Enclave located in Jalahalli, North Bengaluru. It is a splendid residential building spread over 1-acre land area with best-in-class facilities & amenities to truly mesmerize you. Book a free site visit with us to see what this project has in store for you. For more information about this project, click here. 

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