Successful Brand Ambassador Program: A Great Way to Kickstart Your Career

Brand Ambassadors are invaluable for cultivating new relationships and engaging the audience with the brand. Over the past few years, methods for reaching a target audience have changed significantly. What was once considered cutting-edge, no longer works. The days of one-direction communication are over. So what is the latest trend in marketing? The answer is Brand Ambassadors.

And by saying real estate brand ambassadors , we at Zaurya Realtech are not thinking of big names. Although celebrities can be  brand ambassadors as well, we want to focus on individuals who have excellent interpersonal skills, are enthusiastic to communicate with people and can create a positive brand image using social media and other online platforms . Start your journey with us today!

There are two primary types of brand ambassadors: online and in-person brand ambassadors.

Online Brand Ambassadors

Online brand ambassadors require to work through social media and online to raise awareness about our company. Typical tasks of an online brand ambassador include:

    • Posting about our curated properties on your social media platforms
    • Posting about Zaurya’s vision on online message boards or chat groups
    • Reviewing our properties on your blog
    • Inviting friends to events via social media sites
    • Conducting webinars to engage people on online platforms and spread Zaurya’s message.
real estate brand ambassadors

In-Person Brand Ambassadors

An in-person brand ambassador engages at a large gathering like a conference or marketing event, or they can spread awareness of our company via  telephonic conversation or word of mouth by using their existing valuable contacts. Tasks of an in-person brand ambassador often include:

  • Distributing marketing materials like brochures, pamphlets and posters about upcoming projects and new developments.
  • Supplying branded uniforms or clothing items, such as t-shirts or hats promoting Zaurya Realtech.
  • Setting up and running tables at conferences or other events.

5 Steps to Becoming A Brand Ambassador

Have you already decided to become a brand ambassador at Zaurya? Follow these steps to pursue your dream career:

Build Engagement

Garnering likes and comments on your social media posts—which encourages engagement and helps you develop a good reputation in your communities. On social media, this means gaining a following by writing engaging posts and posting interesting photos. Having likes and comments from a large number of followers on social media will help our brand’s message reach potential buyers. You may use offline methods like telephone or word of mouth to spread our name with your maximum number of contacts.


Create A Cohesive Online Personality

Create social media content that reflects a cohesive tone, look and set of interests. We advise you to have a clear and distinct online personality that represents a certain vibe  that captures the attention of the target audience.

Get Your Audience Involved

Invite your followers or people on social platforms to share their own experiences, ask questions or post comments, and respond to as many as you can.You can even host in-person meet-ups in a public place like a cafe or shopping mall to interact with people in your contacts in person. An interactive, personal touch will draw in more followers and make your existing followers more likely to engage with your social media profiles in a positive way.

Build A Following

Build the largest following you possibly can. Increase your number of subscribers and followers on social media. Even if you are an in-person brand representative, you can advertise that you will be attending certain events, invite friends over a phone call to complement your in-person activities.Make new connections and extend your network to increase your own following. The more followers you have who engage with our brand, the more money you will earn as referral. 


Help In Collaboration

Spread Zaurya’s message across all social media platforms and through word of mouth to help us connect with potential stakeholders, be it investors, channel partners or customers for active collaborations and extend our network across major cities PAN India.


Why Should You Join Us?

There are a number of ways you can benefit from joining our network as a Brand Ambassador. There are: 

  • You are only required to expend a part of your idle time by indulging in activities that spread our brand’s name and use this time to your advantage to make some additional income.
  • You do not have any set target that requires it to be met. Thus, you can work comfortably without any pressure. 
  • You have the liberty to choose your target audience. If you are not comfortable interacting with strangers you can simply connect with your family, friends and contacts to spread our message. 
  • You have the opportunity to experience an active social life. You can increase your communication skills by indulging in meaningful conversations and polish your overall personality. The best part is, you can do all this sitting at the comfort of your home.
  • We have an in-house team to carry out legal verifications and all round documentation on financial and developmental aspects of the project. So, you need not worry about these legal hassles and just guide & help people in choosing the right projects.

How Can We Assist You In Your Journey?

To start your journey as a Brand Ambassador at Zaurya Realtech, all you need to do is register on our platform at free of cost. You will then receive access to our online training programs and marketing collateral. We will provide you with individual dashboards with our CRM ERP. All you need to do is just talk to a prospective client for a few minutes and get him on board. The best part is you do not have to conduct physical site visits. The responsibility is on us. Using our transparent system, you get the highest return on investment as a brand ambassador with zero expenditure, minimum efforts and no responsibility for follow ups. Join our team now for a Win-Win situation for all. 

Be a part of our fun Brand Ambassador program that works. Fill in the Brand Ambassador form at or write to us at to kickstart your promising career today!

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