Group Booking- The power of Community Building

“Alone we can do little, together we can do so much”- Hellen Keller

Since our childhood, we have all heard stories and anecdotes about the wonders we can do when we combine individual strengths and work as a group. It holds true at every stage and in every aspect of our life and we have all experienced it at some time or other. A number of our commercial transactions bear better results when the quantum is higher, leading to better bargaining power and financial considerations owing to the higher numbers. In real estate, the power of numbers could not be leveraged so much since most of us can buy only one property in a lifetime, a couple more for the more fortunate ones.

Zaurya brings the power of numbers in your journey of property purchase too. We understood and utilized the strength of groups and came up with the concept of Group Bookings, a business tool that is beneficial not only for our Buyers but our developers and associates too.

The Concept

The concept of Group Booking took shape owing to Zaurya promise of Community Building and Cost considerations. When a group of buyers approach us, they become the choosers of the members of their neighbourhood. It is a well-known fact that we like to get together with people who have similar thought processes, status and preferences like us. This helps us to connect well with them. Such a neighbourhood makes life easy when we interact with our neighbours comfortably, enjoy each other’s company, our kids can be good friends to each other, ladies of the house can form community bonds, a support in times of need, a friend to share a meal with, in all, a kind of Joint family culture that gives us security and happiness. The importance of strong communities has further been enhanced with the current pandemic when we found ourselves restricted in reaching out to our family and friends and the role of neighbours became more supportive. This is what we call LIFE (Living in Friendly Environment) 

We work on a 70:30 formula where 70% of the residents belong to the specific group and 30% of the residents are sponsored by the Primary residents. These sponsored residents could be friends/ family of the Primary residents. As a result, most of the residents of the Community are known to each other. This creates a good mix and get a harmonious group of people sharing similar wavelength, thus creating a happy ecosystem and reducing chances of conflict or friction among neighbours thus leading to LHFE (Living in Harmony Forever).

Group booking also leverages the power of Bulk purchase. Concept of Bulk purchase works well in any setting but in Real Estate, it brings great dividends for the buyer. Bulk purchase means quicker sales, lower overheads, lesser costs of customer engagement and it becomes an excellent model of reducing costs of possession for the Property Buyer. This is achieved through Flash Sale model. When the Project construction is completed or about to be completed, we open sales through Flash Sale for a limited period of time and limited inventories When the customers become part of the group, they enjoy benefits that could be monetary or in the form of other services or facilities. Higher the number, better the benefits.

Why Zaurya believes in the Group Booking Model

  1. Zaurya RealTech is a tech enabled marketing aggregator providing only “Curated Properties” PAN India and believes in “Building Communities” through its Business Model. Group Booking becomes an engine to reach out to various professional/ social groups and communities who are looking for residential spaces housing members from similar groups or backgrounds resulting in LIFE (Living in Friendly Environment) and LHFE (Living in Harmony Forever). These two concepts are foundation of Zaurya’s philosophy of Community Building.
  2. Group Booking is also a tool that assists in reaching out to a well-defined client base. It helps in faster project execution and management leading to higher customer satisfaction and timely delivery of the Project.
  3. The Developer also receives numerous benefits from Group Booking. Due to the available client base willing to participate in the Project, the execution of the Project is faster and construction costs are reduced considerably owing to lower overheads and administrative costs. The Developer is able to focus on the Quality and timelines of construction process which ultimately builds the Developer’s reputation, image and brand. The reduced costs result in lower price for the Customer which assists in engaging more Buyers.
  4. Group Booking offers maximum benefits to the Customer since they get the advantage of numbers and are able to purchase their dream property at considerably lower price. Add to it the benefit of residing among members of their Community/ Group and enjoying LIFE among their friends. Apart from that, the Project execution is smoother and timely, owing to ease of operations for the Developer.

Thus, Group Booking model is a tool that creates Win Win advantage for all players in the market.

To participate, visit the Group Booking section on our website or write to us at 

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