DEFENCE COMMUNITIES: Serving Those Who Serve The Nation

Indian Armed Forces is an embodiment of discipline, commitment, integrity, honesty and courage, therefore commands respect and fervour of the citizens of the country and beyond. However, it has its own share of difficulties and hardships. Short tenures, different locations, far away from their homes, uprooting and reestablishing their homes every few years, moving from one house to another, Armed Forces personnel are always in a state of motion which becomes a major barrier when they have to settle down. Hence, when it is time to make decisions for their home, whether for own occupancy or an investment, it is a long arduous journey in the dynamic market situations, innumerable advice, unreliable suppliers, ever changing rules and regulations, a constant fear of getting into a wrong deal or compromising on one’s preference and capability. It becomes so necessary to seek professional guidance that they can trust and rely on.

There are a number of organisations and companies that offer Real Estate services but most of their services are limited up to the advises in purchase of Property and, many times, marred by uncertainties and ambiguity in lack of reliability associated with Property investments. This makes the task of Property buying all the more painful. The Home Buyer needs a facilitator that understands their requirements and provides complete support in their Property Purchase journey. This gap between the needs of the Customer and services provided became the foundation of our existence and we set out to take the road less travelled and enable the Buyer’s journey filled with happiness and satisfaction.

Who are we?

We are a team of Ex Defence Personnel, promoting & managing the revolutionary concept of CURATED PROPERTIES with a specific focus on addressing housing needs of our Defence, Para Military & Defence PSUs personnel, PAN India, with exclusive residential projects.

Why Defence Communities

A Defence Services background ensured a lifelong affiliation and inclination towards our brethren from Armed Forces. Having walked the same path, we have experienced and felt first-hand the limitations, expectations and also the pain of a Service Personnel. Our processes are drawn from an understanding of the pain points as well as expectations of the Home Buyers from Defence Background.

Apart from that, the Camp life inculcates a habit of active social interaction due to which community living becomes a way of life, hence the concept of Defence Communities with exclusive projects for Defence and associated services so as to recreate the magic of Camp life.

How we serve

  • We provide technology enabled, end to end, real estate solutions, using technology in the process of verification of the developer and legal due diligence of the Properties and only then take the Project on board, thus showcasing only Curated Properties, safe and secure for our Buyer.
  • Inspired from the methodology and cost effectiveness of Defence Services Housing Organisations, Zaurya conceptualises and accordingly facilitates Residential Projects, keeping in mind the requirements of the Customer, based on Demand Surveys and Expressions of Interest. Understanding the needs and interests of our Customer facilitates better conceptualisation of residential properties, thus expediting the execution and completion of the Project while maintaining quality standards and delivery timelines. It also assists us in reducing the costs to the Developer, thereby assisting us in seeking special price considerations for our Buyers.
  • Handhold the Home Buyer through their journey of Home Purchase and support them at every step so that they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work without fear. Starting from pre-sale support, we carry legal due diligence and verification for both the Project and the Developer so that any risk associated with the Property or its approvals is thwarted beforehand. The biggest pain points for a Buyer are post purchase when he needs regular updates on the progress and quality of construction, assistance with home loans and an eye on the construction activities at site. We support the Buyer with our CRM services, providing scheduled progress reports, with each Customer getting a dedicated dashboard that provides all the information he would need, pertaining to his purchase till they receive possession of their property. 
  • Zaurya services do not end after possession but continues with support in renting and reselling, Interiors and furnishing and even maintenance of the Property, thus hand holding the Customer through their Home Buying experience.
  • Promote Community living by facilitating only CURATED PROPERTIES with exclusive Projects for Defence, Paramilitary and Defence PSUs; PAN India. 
  • When people from similar background and wavelength reside in the same Community, they experience better interaction with their neighbours, company for the children and ladies, a positive platform for group activities, support for their families in times of need, thus leading to reduced stress and greater happiness, in all, a recreation of the magic of Joint family.

Facilitating projects for Defence Communities is our way of expressing our gratitude to the way of life we have led and also to the Service personnel who are guarding our Nation and protecting the Citizens of the Country.

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