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Every organisation constitutes a set of stakeholders that are necessary for its existence, the investors, the operatives, the partners and the customers. Of these, the most important and crucial stakeholder is the customer. Where it is essential to understand the requirements of the Customer, it is paramount to connect to them. Organisations use various methods to create this connect, majorly by way of promotions, advertisements, mass media, social media and so on but most of these methods are impersonal and lack a direct contact (connect). Due to this, many times, even if the audience is interested and available, Organisations are not able to reach out to them.

Like any other business sector, Real Estate is also an industry driven by the Customer choice and it is extremely important to connect to them. At Zaurya, our focus is on Customer experience while offering “Curated Properties” with attention to “Community Building”. Hence, we prefer to utilize methods that give a more personal experience for the Home Buyer in his journey of acquiring a dream home. Part of that effort are our Brand Ambassadors who constitute the primary fibre of our network with the target audience. They are the touchpoints for the connect between the Company and the Customer.

Our Brand Ambassadors are the people who believe in the philosophy, process, promise and commitment of Zaurya and, hence, are happy to associate with us. They are the nodes, located in different cities and locations and assist Zaurya in spreading our messages and offers across to Home Buyers PAN India. They are the affiliates supporting us in extending our services to people looking for their dream homes.

How Brand Ambassadors work?

Our Brand Ambassadors utilize their free time, part time interacting with people (mostly online) through social media, and share our concepts, ideologies and offers to their friends, family and contacts. Since, they are connecting with people known to them, the Customers are more at ease with the Brand Ambassadors and are assured of the quality of services provided by Zaurya. This creates a strong bond between the Company and the Customer.

The Brand Ambassadors also become the source of obtaining the Customers’ interests and needs through Demand Survey, Group Booking and Expression of Interest which assists Zaurya in facilitating specifically tailored projects, as per the Customers needs, thus offering “Curated Properties”

Apart from that, Brand Ambassadors also become an integral part of the Community Building process. As representatives of their friends and family, the Brand Ambassadors also become spokesperson for their community and groups (social, professional, financial) and express the requirements and expectations of their groups. They leverage the benefits of Group Bookings, thus assisting in Community Building.

Why do people join as Brand Ambassadors?

There are a number of reasons due to which people connect with Zaurya as Brand Ambassadors.

  1. First and foremost, Brand Amabsaasors are required to spare only part of their time for the activities of the Organisation so they use their free time usefully to earn a little extra income.
  2. There are no targets  required to be met so the Brand Ambassadors can work with ease and without any pressures.
  3. The Brand Ambassadors connect with their contacts, family and friends in their role for the Company, thus strengthening their bond with them. They do not have to interact with strangers, if they don’t wish to, so there is comfort in their work. 
  4. The role helps Brand Ambassadors to have an active Social life, thus enhancing their communication skills and polishing their personality.
  5. All of the above are easily achieved from the convenience of their home.

How is Brand Ambassadors beneficial to the Developer and the Zaurya platform?

Brand Ambassadors are an integral and extremely important contributor to the operations, both for the Developer as well as Zaurya RealTech.

  1. Due to direct connection with the end user/ client base, Brand Ambassadors are exactly that, carriers of Brand Zaurya, thus assisting us in reaching out to our Customers and extending our offers and proposals to them.
  2. As nodal agents between Zaurya and Customer, the Brand Ambassadors help Zauryaa in understanding the Customer’s requirements and come up with projects that meet these requirements, thus reducing efforts on marketing and sales.
  3. Brand Ambassadors become the drivers of  Demand Survey and Group Booking, thus increasing the ease of Project Development and project management, both for the Developer and Zaurya RealTech.
  4. Since the Customer gets personal attention from the Brand Ambassador and also from Zaurya, they become promoters for the reputation of the Developer as well as Zaurya RealTech, thus establishing their Brand and image in the market.
  5. With the connection  with the client established, the Developer can focus on project execution, reducing delays and maintaining quality of construction. Zaurya RealTech is able to concentrate on Customer Relations and facilitating other services for the Customer.

Our Brand Ambassadors are extensions  of the Zaurya promise and help us keep our promise of Win Win solutions for all. 

Are you interested in joining our team? If yes, feel free to write to us at or fill out the form for Brand Ambassadors on our website at

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