Brand Ambassador- A Killer Strategy For Effective Networking

The most important and crucial stakeholder of any business is the customer. It is imperative that we understand customer needs and serve them accordingly to establish a positive brand identity through customer satisfaction. Brands connect with customers through various promotional channels like social media, mass media and so on. But in today’s competitive world, what is needed is to build a direct relationship with the audience.

This is the reason why organizations employ brand ambassadors to enhance their brand awareness and increase sales. You may be a good fit for this position if you enjoy interacting with people. If you are looking for a job that allows you to work from a home and has a flexible schedule, becoming a brand ambassador is a rewarding career choice for you.

Zaurya Realtech is a property aggregator company in Bangalore conceived to bring the best of real estate to enhance customer experience. We believe in “Building Communities” through “Curated Properties” only, to design a personalized home buying experience for our customers. As a brand ambassador, you can take part in our endeavor by spreading Zaurya’s messages across Home Buyers PAN India. If you believe in Zaurya’s philosophy, process, commitment and vision, come join hands with us and help people buy their dream homes.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is a professional who increases awareness of a brand publicly by representing the company, its products and services. They act as spokesperson and influence an entire community to buy a brand’s products or services. While celebrities were the primary public brand ambassadors in earlier times, today almost anyone can become an influencer and make good money by doing so. Brand ambassadors perform a wide range of tasks, from implementing marketing campaigns to posting about a product or service on social media or attending a trade fair as a company representative.

Brand Ambassador- The Concept At Zaurya

Brand Ambassadors at Zaurya are people who understand the concept of “Building Communities” through the revolutionary concept of “Curated Properties”. They also understand the importance of sourcing customer requirements using “Demand Survey”, “Group Booking (this is a booking feature, not a customer requirement. Change the order….Demand survey, Expression of interest and Group Booking)” and “Expression Of Interest” to assist us in delivering specifically tailored properties as per “Customer Needs”.

Planning to start a career or a side hustle to earn extra money? Is real estate something that interests you? Join us in our initiative to facilitate a “fearless buying journey” for our customers.

Who Can Join Our Network?

At Zaurya Realtech, we do not have any specific requirements per se for a brand ambassador. That being said, we are looking for extremely passionate and self-motivated individuals with a keen interest in real estate.Your main goal should be to connect with as many new people as possible helping them through one of life’s biggest milestones of buying a dream home. Are you comfortable interacting with the public in-person or over social media and other platforms? Do you think you are cut out to be your own boss and can work everyday with the same enthusiasm? Zaurya gives you an ideal opportunity to make some extra income in a hassle free environment. People retired from a regular job, homemaker, students or anyone with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and good contacts can join our network for mutual benefit.

Were you instantly drawn into a career in real estate? Do you think you make meaningful contributions in widening and strengthening our network using your valuable contacts? Be a part of our team by filling in the brand ambassador form at or write to us at explaining why you are the right person for this opportunity.

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