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You can be one too. Come and join us to become our Brand Ambassador and be a part of the revolutionary concept of CURATED PROPERTIES to recommend the right platform for Real Estate buyers to get hassle free deals. Thereby use your idle time to earn some additional income.

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Retired from a regular job and home makers and anyone who has good communication skills, both verbal and written. Enjoy interacting and networking with people, who have a flair for using online and social media.


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We believe in “Building Communities” by offering only “Curated Properties” so that our Customers can have a smooth and fear free “Buying Experience”.

Our in-house expert verification team carries out all round validation on legal, financial and developmental aspects of both the Project as well as the Developer. With such a team to support you, you will find joy, satisfaction and opportunity in guiding & helping people to choose right projects, while using your time effectively for earning an additional income for you.

what do


to do?


Register on our platform, free of cost. No onboarding fees.


Get access to all our online training programs & soft copies of marketing collaterals.


Individual Dashboard with our CRM ERP.


Just need to talk generally for 10 minutes with a prospect and refer to us.


A transparent system, no hidden deals.


Highest ROI in this system, Zero expenditure, minimum efforts, No follow ups.


You need not conduct any physical site visits, we will take care of it.

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Brand Ambassadors are members of Team Zaurya who assist us in connecting with our prospective customers. They share information about Projects and campaigns to their family, friends and contacts by using social media and help them benefit from our offers and schemes.

Most Companies engage celebrities or prominent personalities as their Brand Ambassador in exchange for high remuneration to these personalities. Alternatively, certain Organisations also engage their Customers as Brand Ambassadors. In both the cases, the Brand Ambassadors may not understand or agree with the operations of the Organisation and hence, not very reliable. However, at Zaurya, we engage those people who understand and agree with the ideologies and processes of the Company and hence, are more trustworthy and reliable. This helps our Customers to experience a smooth, hassle-free transaction in the process of their home purchase.

Brand Ambassadors are an integral part of Team Zaurya and support us in three ways

  • Share information about our projects, campaigns and offers with their contacts, friends and family, thus promoting Brand Zaurya.
  • Assist us in conducting Demand Survey and understand the requirements of our Customer so that we can serve them better.
  • Take a pivotal role in Group Bookings by connecting their communities and groups with us so that we can cater to their needs and interests, thus helping us in Community Building.

Anyone who can spare free time to invest to talk about Zaurya Products can become a Brand Ambassador at Zaurya. You could be a homemaker, a retired person or even a working professional with free time to spare at hand.

A Brand Ambassador should be able to dedicate some spare time regularly to interact with people. They should have basic knowledge of the use of social media and should enjoy interacting with people. Good communication skills and a strong social circle will be an added advantage.

Yes, anyone from any background can become our Brand Ambassador, as long as you meet the prerequisites of becoming our Brand Ambassador.

You will be required to

  • Share information about Zaurya projects and campaigns with your family, friends and contacts using social media and Whatsapp.
  • Help the interested people to understand our Projects and answer their questions
  • Share details about the interested people with Zaurya. Our team at the site will take it forward from there.
  • Collect Demand Survey and Expression of Interest using their personal interactions and social media and help us understand the needs and wants of the Customers.

At Zaurya, our Brand Ambassadors play an important role in Company operations. You are a part of the Team but there are no pressures or targets to be achieved. You only need to spare some time regularly and share information about Zaurya Projects, campaigns, offers and schemes.

Brand Ambassadors bring in benefits for the Developers too. Since the Brand Ambassadors are in direct contact with the prospective customers, they help create a strong client base which assists in better sales, thus assisting in faster project completion. Since the Developer is relieved of pressures of marketing and administrative overheads, he can concentrate on the Project management, ensuring timely handing over and quality of construction. This supports enhancing Brand Image and reputation of the Developer.

No, you would not be required to travel as a Brand Ambassador. You are only required to work in an online mode.

If you are keen to not disclose your identity, you can support Zaurya as a Brand Ambassador without disclosing your identity.

As a Brand Ambassador, you are required to only share information. If there is anyone interested in a Project, you just need to share the details with us and our team at site will follow it up. You will not be required to make any follow up or sales.

A Channel Partner works on the premise of targets and conversions. He is responsible for the complete Buying cycle for his customer which includes follow ups, site visits, presentations, documentation etc whereas a Brand Ambassador is not required to take up any of these roles. The Brand Ambassador is free of any pressure  of target or revenue generation and that is why it is different from a Channel Partner.

The Brand Ambassadors get remuneration at par with current Industry standards and the same will be shared with you before your engagement with us.

Yes, we will provide you the basic training on our projects and also, on the CRM systems and equip you with the required information and support.

Yes, like any other employee of Zaurya, even Brand Ambassadors will be offered special price considerations, as per the existing standards, on any property purchased through Zaurya RealTech

All our Brand Ambassadors will be provided with a Dashboard where they can feed in their contacts and all details pertaining to their contacts and their follow ups will be available for them to see. The incentive and remuneration linked to the Brand Ambassadors will be automated and online, thus ensuring transparency in the transactions.

The payments to the Brand Ambassadors will be automated and online and frequency can be fortnightly or monthly, as per the need of the individual.

No, you will not be required to conduct any site visits. Our team at the site will follow up with your leads and take up subsequent documentation etc.

Zaurya will have a Coordinator  who will be a single point of contact for guidance, information sharing and facility support.