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Bangalore, the IT hub of India is ranked as the third most densely populated state of the country. If you are thinking about buying a 2-3 BHK Apartment in North Bangalore, a lot of planning and calculations are involved before you take a plunge with your lion share of savings.

In comparison to South Bangalore where rapid urbanization has already happened, buying an Apartment in North Bangalore seems more fruitful. North Bangalore provides an easy commute via the Ring Road to its residents.

Since Kempegowda International Airport is located here, you can easily take a flight and travel anywhere you wish to. Besides, you will also find several IT parks like Manyata, ITSEZ, Ecopolis, and some high-end residential units like Durga Nanda-Shaurya Enclave in this part of the city. 

Although buying a house in Bangalore might seem like a daunting task at the beginning with our informational guide the whole process will seem very smooth. Let’s take a look at the top 8 points you need to consider before buying an apartment in North Bangalore.

Remember These 8 Points Before Buying An Apartment In North Bangalore:

Location Inspection:-

It is important to buy a property that is close to your office or your child’s school, so you can save valuable time by not getting stuck in the infamous Bangalore traffic.

If you are looking for a new apartment in North Bangalore for investment purposes, you can expect a good rental income along with a clean water supply and green peaceful surroundings.

Builder’s Reputation:-

You should consider conducting extensive research on the builder’s background and reputation.

It is imperative that you check their overall track record in terms of the number of completed projects and delivery time for good rent, high resale value, and your own peace of mind. Make sure you go ahead with only the best & established real estate players in the market.

Check Legal Aspects:-

You should make sure the property you are buying must have clear titles, requisite authorizations, and approvals from relevant authorities like Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).

It is also mandatory to have a Real Estate Regulatory Authority Number (RERA). In case you are investing in a property under construction, ask for the commencement certificate, builder-buyer agreement, title approvals, and other legal documents from your developer.

Interact for Reviews & Suggestions:-

Before you decide to book your  2-3 BHK Apartment in North Bangalore make sure to check online reviews about the property and gather information through word of mouth from your potential neighbors.

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city with a mixture of different cultures, so you are able to meet interesting people having different perspectives making your house hunting experience even more enjoyable.

Check Apartment Amenities & Facilities:-

Apartments in North Bangalore come with a range of amenities & facilities. But, it is important to choose specific amenities based on your requirements and lifestyle.

There is no point in opting for facilities which may not be useful for you. For instance, if you are into fitness, buying an apartment with a gymnasium makes more sense than opting for luxury amenities that you will never use.

Property Inspection:-

Every apartment has a model plan to give prospective buyers an idea about their dream home. Make sure to take a tour of the property premises and inspect every nook and corner of the model to ensure your builder delivers every promise being made.

If you are buying a ready-to-move-in apartment, clarify all questions and doubts with your builder to ensure your house is finished to perfection.

Check Floor Plans:-

Inspecting the property alone may not be sufficient. It is important to gather specific details of the floor plan in terms of measurements in square feet and design.

Bangalore has a pleasant climate, so an air conditioner may not be necessary for a well-ventilated flat with ample natural light entry.

Appreciation Rate and Resale Value:-

Buy a new apartment in North Bangalore considering the resale value and appreciation rate of the property. Apartments on high floors are in demand because they offer a panoramic view of the city and are less affected by dust and pollution.

Flats having a northeast entry are Vastu compliant and are more likely to have a high resale value. Invest wisely today for better gains tomorrow.

The Zarya Promise

At Zaurya Realtech, you can expect spaciously, naturally lit, and airy apartments in Bangalore. We have an excellent track record of delivering positive results in terms of quality and comfort.

Zaurya Realtech is the curator of properties that deliver spacious…… apartments in Bangalore understand it is not easy to negotiate the price of your dream house. So, we operate on the RIGHT PRICE-FIXED PRICE model to help you make the best choice. 

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