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Bangalore is known as silicon valley and the IT capital of India. It is the highest-growing and most well-populated city in India. There is a high demand for houses in the good society in Bangalore. Nowadays, people are wanting to stay in the good society in Bangalore. So, if you are looking for the best societies in Bangalore, this post will help you. 

Buying properties in Bangalore is a smart decision because there are different cultures people are living in. and they have rapid development and well-cultured societies for the living. So, if you want to live in luxurious apartments, you should consider a better society as well.  

5 best society in Bangalore:

Prestige shantiniketan 

Prestige Shantiniketan is considered the most reputed and populated society in Bangalore. This locality is mainly situated on the Whitefield main road. People of this locality are very friendly and communicate well. From the swimming pool to the gym all the facilities people get from this place. 

Moreover, this society is very close to airports, shopping malls, schools, and colleges. This place is near to the railway station so it will be beneficial to get the railway services.  If you’re planning to buy a property in Bangalore, you can consider this place for your living.

Rajaji Nagar:

Rajaji Nagar is considered a good society in Bangalore. Modern amenities will also be available in this locality. This place is connected with the metropolitan transport corporation in Bangalore. Because of this people easily reach their destination within a short time. 

There is the availability of well-furnished flats at reasonable prices. So if you are looking for a flat in the best society, this location will provide you with all the comfort and facility. 

Shapoorji pallonji parkwest :

This place is involved in the well-known society in Bangalore. Shapoorji Pallonji park west is close to the railway stations of Bangalore. Moreover, there is the availability of restaurants and luxurious apartments. This is the central part of the traditional areas. So you will get some traditional values from this place. 

Apart from that, the luxurious apartments in this place are  available with many facilities such as a parking area, playground, and departmental stores. A good environment is also available in this place. So if you have a plan to buy a new apartment, you should consider this place. 

Purva venezia,Yelahanka:

This place is very good for living and well-furnished apartments are also available here. As we know that Yelhnaka is very close to the airport, schools, and colleges, so it will help to reach the destination within time. The apartments of this society are very attractive and all of those are involved with swimming pools and parking facilities.  

So, if you are thinking of investing your money in a flat, this society will be a good option for you. Because of this, you will reach your destination within time.  Moreover, clean surroundings and a healthy environment are also present in this place. So living in Yelahanka will be the right choice for investing money. 

Tata Aquila heights, jalahalli:

Tata Aquila heights are located in Jalahalli north Bangalore. The highly rich urban societies people live in this place. This location is good and close to the school, college, and hospitals. Apart from that, the apartments of this place are very luxurious and attractive and there is an availability of a swimming pool, gym and parking area. 

Moreover, the apartment of this place is legally approved by the RERA Karnataka act.  So it will be beneficial for you to buy a flat in this location. 

Which place is best?

According to the survey, Yelahanka is the best place for buying an apartment. Because, this place is close to the airport, schools, colleges, and hospital. you can easily reach your destination within time and most importantly it reduces the traffic liability.

Moreover, there are a few ongoing projects run by Zaurya. So, if you want to buy a flat in north Bangalore, Yelahanka will be right for you. 


It concludes that the 5 best societies in Bangalore for buying the properties. Yelahanka is the best place for buying a flat because it is very convenient to travel from one place to another in the city. If you are planning to buy a flat in Bangalore at a reasonable price, this place will be appropriate for you. 

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